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Marilyn Monroe Original Vintage Photo Andre de Dienes 1950

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Original Vintage Memorabilia Collectibles Marilyn Monroe Photos Photography For Sale
Original Vintage Andre de Dienes  Large Photo (9.5x12")

The Picasso of 20th Century Investment Grade Celebrity Photography! 

*NOTE:   On August 4, 2022 was the 60th Anniversary of the sudden and highly suspicious death of Ms. Monroe at only 36 years old.  The true nature of her death remains a mystery to this day.

When you say the name Andre de Dienes,  most collectors will immediately think of the most notable Marilyn Monroe photographer, Andre de Dienes.  There is no other photographer that captured the natural beauty and innocence of Hollywood's most famous movie star, with such high quality detail, as Andre de Dienes.   And his Original photos can rival some of the most expensive art.   From an original 1949 photo shoot, an incredibly captivating close-up of a spellbinding Marilyn in bathing suit on Santa Monica beach looking straight into the camera waving.  A particularly captiving image.   

* This photograph of Marilyn Monroe was originally taken in 1949 by Andre de Dienes on the beaches of Santa Monica.

Exceptionally Large 1949 Marilyn Monroe Original Photograph. Offered is a stunning 9.5x12" photograph of Marilyn Monroe taken by Andre de Dienes on the beaches of Santa Monica.  An exciting close-up as she waves to the camera!    Mild wear exhibited with photographer stampings on the reverse.

NOTE:   Since 1980 I've collected and sold many upscale Investment Grade original Marilyn Monroe photographs.    So when I opened the package and pulled out this gem of a treasure I was utterly impressed  how amazing it looks In Person.    

Note:   The latest date stamp on the back is 1992. However, the red Andre de Dienes stamp on center back is a much older address as indicated with the extinct zip code.  Hence, we suspect this photo was created (although originally taken in 1949) in the 1950s from Andre de Diene's original negative, and loaned out for publication a few times years thereafter. ..    Also, note in vintage fountain pen ink is handwritten "1950".    Also, note his wife added her name in handwriting to the back of photo in 1992, the year Andre de Diene passed away and she took over the Rights to his photography.    A most breath-taking photo in person!

Andre de Diene
In 1945 Dienes met the nineteen-year-old Marilyn Monroe, then called Norma Jeane Baker, who was a model on the books of Emmeline Snively’s Blue Book Model Agency.
Snively told Dienes of Norma Jeane, and suggested her for his project of photographing artistic nudes. In his memoirs Dienes described the first time he met Monroe saying " was as if a miracle had happened to me. Norma Jeane seemed to be like an angel. I could hardly believe it for a few moments. An earthly, sexy-looking angel! Sent expressly for me!".

NOTE:  To put some perspective on the value and significance of this historical photo..   Original period Marilyn Monroe photos  by renown photographers like Andre de Dienes and George Barris are selling upwards of over $10,000 .  In particular  Andre de Dienes "Marilyn Monroe" photos are considered the holy grails, the masterpieces of Monroe photography.   There may be no other Marilyn Monroe photographer that attracts such intense demand as an Andre de Dienes?.  A Piccasso among early/mid 20th century celebrity photographers.   

And among the Andre de Dienes Marilyn Collection, this is clearly one of the most captivating Close Ups of the iconic movie star.   And worthy of hanging beside any Master Artist's work. 

* See enlargeable images above and below 

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original 

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