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Alfred Hitchcock movie poster one sheet "Spellbound"


Original Classic Alfred Hitchcock Movie Theater Posters Film Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale
Alfred Hitchcock's "Spellbound", 1945
Original Vintage Movie Theater Poster
Starring Gregory Peck & Ingrid Bergman


Here we have a one-sheet (27”x41”) from the 1949 re-release of Alfred Hitchcock’s remarkable Spellbound.  Hitch explored some of his familiar psychological themes in this Gregory Peck vehicle (originally released in 1945), throwing in some set design by none other than Salvador Dali for good measure.  This is a very used original poster—no reproductions sold by me—from a re-release of the film.

This is a very used poster, but still quite lovely.  Much of the visible wear and tear appears along the edges where numerous pieces are missing where the poster appears to have been mounted with staples, then rather roughly removed.  There is an area of light staining at the lower right corner and some general smudging along much of the bottom border.  There are also several small splits at the edges and middle of folds as is very typical of used one-sheets, a result of the light-weight paper used with this format.  Finally, there are a number of very small holes (pin size to slightly larger) scattered here and there, an ink scribble at the lower left corner,  and the back of the  poster has picked up a fair amount of dirt from handling over the years.

Despite these obvious issues, this is still one sweet poster with remarkably bright colors and a wicked image of Peck holding a straight razor menacingly behind Ingrid Bergman’s back.  Delicious.  This one cries out for some loving restoration and linen backing, as the results would be stunning.

A VERY VERY Rare poster to find in any condition!


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