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Alfred Hitchcock North by Northwest Movie Poster window card


Old Classic Movie Theater Posters
Alfred Hitchcock's "North by Northwest", 1959
Original Vintage Window Card movie poster (14x22")
Starring Cary Grant


This is the 1966 re-issue. For other than seasoned collectors (who already know this), the posters for the 1966 were far superior to the original 1959 release and hence command much more demand.   Incredible artwork and graphics on this window card.  In nice condition and unlike Most window cards the top blank area has NOT been trimmed.  ** We also have the amazing gorgeous HALF SHEET and Striking vintage INSERT for this HItchcock masterpiece.

North by Northwest (MGM, R-1966). Window Card (14" X 22").
This is one of the most clever posters ever made for a re-issue. From the 1966 re-release of Alfred Hitchcock's classic film, the poster has four of the film's best moments and a typical tongue-in-cheek Hitchcock tagline: "Only Cary Grant and Alfred Hitchcock ever gave you so much suspense." Hitchcock then deadpans, "..So we brought it back," while he nonchalantly holds a giant finger. There are two horizontal folds, one in the top imprint area and the other in the mid section, but underneath the photos. There are staple holes in the corners, light smudges below the credit area, and a small gouge in the credits.   That said it is in quite excellent condition.

Note: Unlike most Window Card movie posters the top blank area on this gem has not been Trimmed or written on!

* See enlargeable image above

Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original poster

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