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VERTIGO RARE Original Vintage Movie Poster Insert Hitchcock Stew

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Original Classic Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo Vintage Classic Movie Posters Film Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale
 Alfred Hitchcock's "VERTIGO", 1958
RARE Original Vintage Movie Poster Insert (14x36")

We've FINALLY acquired one of the ultimate Hitchcock Treasures!

Over the past 40 years collecting classic Hollywood, we have been in search for an Original "Vertigo" movie poster .  Although we've had the lobby cards for this Hitchcock Masterpiece,  we've never been able to acquire an original poster like a one sheet, half sheet or Insert as the prices have been too exorbitant.    Just to give you an idea of the intense demand and value of original movie paper from this title, a six sheet sold in November 2014 for over $31,000 and a one sheet sold in November 2017 for over $9500.   And one of the rarest of the posters is the Insert.  The Insert is also one of the most desirable because of it's Saul Bass art and Photo image combo style design.    

For the first time in 40 years collecting we have acquire the ORIGINAL 1958 "Vertigo" Insert. 

In excellent condition with just a minor repaired tear in upper left corner which  was done pretty well as you can see in the enlargeable images above and below.  100% Original Un-restored with original fold lines (All Movie Poster Inserts were folded).  Has some scuffs and age toning on back which doesn't affect front.   Back also has original "58" Studio Date Stamp which many collectors like to see as an additional layer of authenticity. 
Has a beautiful vintage sepia tone around edges that gives it a gorgeous authentic vintage presentation.  Has a stamp in lower right of "63" over the original 1958 NSS ID which means this poster was also used to promote the 1963 re-release.   
I have seen this several times with in particular "Vertigo" lobby cards, which indicates it was a common practice at Paramount Studio to re-use Original late 1950s release posters for a theatrical re-release. 

Meanwhile, the new owner always has the option of having it professionally linen or paper backed and have any of the minor flaws corrected.  But we'll leave that to the lucky new owner.  We like this 60+ year old gem  just the way it is, in all its Original gorgeous Vintage glory!  

The opportunity of a lifetime..  don't let this Rare vintage treasure slip away!

* See enlargeable images above and below

Vertigo (Paramount, 1958). Insert (14" X 36").
Considered one of his highest achievements, Alfred Hitchcock's dizzying thriller weaves deception, terror, and obsession together in a deadly web of lies, with James Stewart and Kim Novak trapped directly at its center. This downward spiral of events follows Stewart as John "Scottie" Ferguson, a detective with a crippling case of acrophobia, and his emotional freefall after investigating the bizarre behavior of an old college friend's wife, Madeline (Novak). Taking a cue from the title, Saul Bass' spinning imagery makes this poster one of the most iconic illustrations of the genre

Collectors get the best of both worlds with this insert, as it includes both the iconic Saul Bass artwork and a passionate portrait of stars James Stewart and Kim Novak. Stewart's riveting portrayal of retired private detective Scottie Ferguson keeps audiences on the edge of their seats in this fine Alfred Hitchcock thriller. Scottie, who is paralyzed with acrophobia, is asked by old friend Gavin Elster (Tom Helmore) to follow his wife, Madeleine (Kim Novak).

Guaranteed Authentic Original for Life

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original