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Beatles Come to Town Beatles Original Vintage Still Photo


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The Beatles Come to Town, 1963
Original Vintage Still Photo (8x10")
Starring the Beatles



Terrific vintage photo from this little known Beatles film.  I have to be honest, I never knew this 1963 Beatles short film even existing until I came across this Original Promotional Photo.  A great RARE find in excellent condition with insignificant tear in upper left corner.     Also comes with early 1960s cards , two Beatles and one Rolling Stones.. 
* See enlargeable image above and below. 

The Beatles Come to Town (Pathe', 1963). Vintage Photo Still (8" X 10"). Pathe' News shot this technicolor short that featured The Beatles in concert at the ABC Cinema in Manchester, Lancashire on 11/20/63. Pathe' later incorporated the footage into the 1965 feature "Pop Gear" which showed some of the bands that were part of the "British Invasion" in 1964