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Charlie Chan Egypt Original Vintage Still Photo Warner Oland 3

"Charlie Chan in Egypt"
Original Vintage Still Photo, 1935
Starring Warner Oland

Beautiful original 1935 8x10" photo for this Warner Oland Charlie Chan classic.   Striking image with just the right sepia patina. Excellent condition, particularly for an 80 year photo!  * We have recently acquired four vintage photos for this title.  See below under Also Recommended

* See enlargeable image above

Charlie Chan in Egypt (Fox, 1935).
Vintage Photo Still (8x10") Usually regarded as one of the best entries in the Chan series, this film stars Warner Oland as the famed Oriental sleuth, who is working on behalf of the French Archaeological Society concerning Egyptian antiquities being sold to private collectors and rival museums. When Oland arrives he finds the mummified remains of Professor Arnold, the head of the expedition, and soon begins a murder investigation. Also appearing in the film is the young Rita Cansino, or Rita Hayworth, as she would later be known, and Stepin Fetchit.

Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original photo

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