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Dark Passage Original Vintage Movie Poster Insert Bogart Bacall


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"Dark Passage", 1947
Original Vintage Movie Poster Insert (14x36")
Starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall


We also recently acquired the one sheet for this Bogart/Bacall classic.  However, this stunning insert with its spectacular artwork and graphics of the two stars overshadows even the amazing one sheet!   Simply gorgeous!  That Bacall sultry staring close-up is enough to make any guy weak at the knees!  The only insert of this iconic film we have ever seen in our 35 years collecting!   A real looker that would be worthy hanging next to that Picasso or Monet you currently have on your wall!

Convicted of murdering his wife and sent to prison, Vince Parry (Humphrey Bogart) breaks out in order to prove his innocence. The only problem is that his face has been splashed across every newspaper in town, leading him to gamble on some back-alley plastic surgery to change his features and enable him to move freely. Fortunately, lovely artist Irene Jansen (Lauren Bacall) comes to Parry's aid, and soon the two of them are swept up in a maelstrom of danger and revenge. One of Bogart's best performances, the real-life chemistry between him and wife Bacall is incendiary. This dramatic insert is in extraordinary condition for its 75+ years!

Condition:  The poster shows a light crease at top above images, smudges, and a small tear on the top border. there are strips of paper tape on the top of the poster on the back.  Just the minimal wear you'd expect for a nearly 80 Year old Authentic movie poster!
NOTE:   *Unlike most vintage Inserts, this one has NOT been folded and hence does not have the typical deep horizontal fold Crease lines.  Comes as originally Rolled. 

* See enlargeable images above and below.. 

Dark Passage (Warner Brothers, 1947). Insert (14" X 36").
Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall star in their third film together, playing troubled love interests caught in a heavy dose of film noir. Bogart plays an ex-con who undergoes plastic surgery and finds himself hiding out in in Bacall's place while healing. The first twenty minutes of the film are seen from Humphrey's point of view, placing the audience at the center of the action. This insert boasts fantastic art and is more impressive that the standard one sheet, with breath-taking image of Bacall and Golden Gate Bridge behind Bogie's close-up.  There is a photo inset along the bottom featuring Tom D'Andrea, as he attempts to blackmail Bogie. Light handling includes red pencil date at the bottom right ('56" pencil notations to reuse when the movie was re-released in 1956), fold wear, bottom left corner bend, top right corner bend, small crease at the bottom right, and small horizontal creases. Folded, Fine+.

Much has been said about this semi-experimental film noir, as the first half of the film is shot completely in Bogart's character (Vincent Parry) point of view. This was executed as a plot device to keep audiences from knowing what Parry looks like prior to the removal of his bandages changing his appearance. Lauren Bacall portrays Bogart's love interest as the story of deception and murder proceeds at breakneck pace. Bogart and Bacall, one of Hollywood's most famous couples made only three films together.   

* And this is probably THE best poster ever created for one of their promotional movie campaigns. 

Another insert for this title sold just one year ago at auction for $5040!

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