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International Squadron Vintage Movie Poster Ronald Reagan WC

 $195.00$325.00 -40%
International Squadron, 1941
Original Vintage Movie Poster Window card
Starring Ronald Reagan

Rare window card for this early Ronald Reagan war time film.     Excellent + condition.   Also blank imprint area has NOT been trimmed as has most window cards.  

International Squadron (Warner Brothers, 1941). Window Card (14" X 22").
In this basic remake of Ceiling Zero, the future President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, stars as a barnstorming and headstrong pilot who joins the RAF but only likes to follow the orders he agrees with. After a couple of pilots are killed due to his recklessness, he mends his ways, shows some responsibility and volunteers on a suicide bombing run. This film was made just prior to America's entry into WWII and displayed the pro-Allies and anti-Axis sentiments of Jack Warner. The card had a tear in the middle of the left and right borders and had a slight vertical crease in the center, but has now been cleaned and had the upper imprint area airbrushed.

Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original poster

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