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MINT "Rolled" Vintage Movie Posters - Real or FAKE?

Yesterday on Labor Day I sent out my newsletter to my 4000+ collector subscribers...  Here it is in it's entirety:

- Caveat Emptor -
YES Even With Collectibles!

  First, I hope you and your family had a great Labor Day!   Today, on this semi-sunny Labor Day while looking on eBay,  I noticed a Jaws movie poster for sale.  See it Here..   A mint condition, "rolled" Jaws.   And as most collectors know, eBay tends to be a "breeding ground" for fraudulent sellers.   However, in this case the seller is honest and clearly states it is a "REPRODUCTION".  This highlights an important topic in the genre of original vintage movie poster collecting.   With vintage movie posters now selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars, collectors need to have a basic knowledge of what to look for and what to avoid when searching for these exciting classic Hollywood Treasures.

 So, let me say first and foremost to stay away from any movie poster issued prior to 1980 that is identified as "rolled".   Prior to 1980 all original movie posters were folded by the movie studios and the poster distribution services like National Screen Service (NSS).  Now, I realize there are a couple dealers that claim there are vintage movie posters that were rolled and hence gives such dealers justification to sell these "rolled" posters at exorbitant prices (such as a rolled vintage Beatles poster for 5 times normal price).  However, evidence that these "rolled' posters are original is questionable and I have yet to read anything from either the studios or distribution services or anything conclusive that these "rolled posters" are real originals and NOT possible reproductions.     As with any valuable collectibles, fine art, etc,  do diligence, ask questions and if it looks to good to be true (i.e., a 1949 mint condition, rolled movie poster) a big red flag should go up.

 Remember genuine vintage movie posters were used to promote a film during that period and most were handled extensively and hence heavy wear.   Also, vintage posters naturally start to develop a vintage tone and often a brittleness that all acid based paper experiences . Most paper prior to 1970s was NOT acid free which is why many collectors have their valuable posters linen backed which deacifies the vintage paper and hence preserves it from deterioration.

 * And, this underscores the importance of working with a reputable dealer that Guarantees Authenticity of everything they sell.

 Over the coming weeks we will discuss other characteristics to look for in confirming your posters are not reproductions.  i.e. paper type, markings on bottom border, etc.    Meanwhile, Happy Treasure Hunting! 

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