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Muhammad Ali Henry Cooper British Vintage Boxing Fight Poster


Original Vintage Classic Sports Boxing Memorabilia Movie Muhammad Ali Collectibles For Sale
Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) vs. Henry Cooper
British Boxing Fight Posters, 1963


TWO Rare Vintage Stunning 1963  Fight Posters for the Cassius Clay vs. Henry Cooper I battle.

1963 Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) vs. Henry Cooper I Posters . Muhammad Ali fought Britain's Henry Cooper twice and, the first time, the future champ nearly lost. Cooper was known for his powerful left hook and actually knocked Ali down in the fight. Trainer Angelo Dundee allowed Ali to regain his composure by helping him to his corner and administering smelling salts, both against the rules. After the fight, Ali said that Cooper hit him so hard that his ancestors in Africa felt it.

Great period pieces, courtesy of our brothers from across the pond.     Rare early vintage posters we have never seen before

We acquired Two posters for this fight.   This one here, 1) "The Star. Cooper v. Clay. Big Fight Special" over likenesses of the combatants. 20x30".   With folds and one small hole on the crease; and the other poster is,  2) "Cooper v. Clay with Colour in the Evening Standard. With folds and some paper separation and tears at the top.  #2 is quit fragile from age and handling. 

* See enlargeable images above and below

Both come with Letter of provenance from Troy Kinunen.

NOTE:  I've collected Muhammad ALi since 1980 and have never seen this particular 1971 "Fight of the Century" Promo poster before.  Hence,  I highly doubt you will see this one again!

We recently acquired from a world renown Muhammad Ali Collection several historical pieces of boxing history,  From the collection of famed Ali Collector Troy Kinunen.    This is one of those historic pieces. 

Troy Kinunen BIO:
Troy Kinunen is considered one of the foremost experts on Muhammad Ail Memorabilia as he amassed one of the (if not THE) largest Muhammad Ali Collection in the world over a 35 year period.  This is one  of the prized pieces from his famed Collection.

Here is a link to a USA Today article about Troy

Note:  This striking deep red background version  is a particularly RARE Fight poster for thier first 1971 battle, which we have never seen in our 40 years collecting. 

Side Note:  In 1988 I really wanted a Muhammad Ali photo signed with one of this legendary inscriptions , like this photo has. Mr Ali was more than generous as he added a terrific inscription to me and drew a Heart after he signed “ To Kevin, Love Muhammad Ali”.   He even threw in about five SIGNED Muslim Pamphlets.      Of course I still have that iconic signed photo. 

* See enlargeable images above 

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original