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Hey There, It's Yogi Bear, vintage one sheet movie poster


Hey There, It's Yogi Bear, 1964
Original Vintage One Sheet Movie Poster

Hey There, It's Yogi Bear (Columbia, 1964). One Sheet (27" X 41"). Animated. Starring the voices of Daws Butler, Don Messick, Julie Bennett, Mel Blanc, James Darren. Directed by Joseph Barbera, William Hanna. Excellent condition, Great artwork!

Film Description: Hey There, It's Yogi Bear, the 1964 Hanna-Barbera (William Hanna and Joseph Barbera) animated cartoon feature ("Here's a whole NEW world of wonderful entertainment just for YOU... And YOU ...and YOU!"; "Yogi's first full-length feature!"; "Yogi Color"; "Hey there!"; "It's the bear facts of life... As Yogi turns the screen into a 3-ring circus of Mirth, Music, and Madness!") featuring the voices of Daws Butler ("as the Voice of Yogi Bear"), Don Messick ("as the Voices of Boo-Boo and Ranger Smith"), Julie Bennett, Mel Blanc, and James Darren