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Angels with Dirty Faces Vintage Movie Poster Cagney & Bogart


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Angels with Dirty Faces, 1938

Gorgeous Original Vintage Movie Poster One Sheet
Starring James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart



Not only a spectacular piece of Hollywood and Cinematic History, but a Gorgeous Home Decor masterpiece !

This is an extraordinary piece of Hollywood history. A stunning one sheet movie poster for this James Cagney “Gangster” classic. It also features a relatively little known Humphrey Bogart.  What is also amazing is that this is exactly the same artwork as the original 1938 release. The only difference is a “RERELEASED” stamp under the credits. We have not found this particular one sheet “Rerelease” ever appearing on the market prior to this (please let us know otherwise).  The opinion from a number of collectors and dealers we have spoken to is that this IS actually a 1938 poster with a "Rerelease" stamp. Or the same 1938 plate was used. This particular poster was re-used in the early 1940’s.  The 1938 one sheet sold in July 2009 for $13,145.  

* See enlargebale image above 

** TWO major collectors/dealers have confirmed this is even MORE Rare than the 1938 release because all of these would have been destroyed during the WWII paper-drives. This one being found in Canada explains its surprising survival.

This poster was acquired from a collector in Canada. Because the Canadian Government banned the use of guns in promotional material, i.e. movie posters, in the 1930’s/40’s, the gun had been censured by painting over it.  Hence, the gun was professional restored.

Restoration is as follows: James Cagney's gunned was restored. The man in the upper right (one of the "Dead End Kids" aka "The Bowery Boys") has some restoration above his nose due to fold tears. Leo Gorcey has some touch-up to his forehead due to fold tears and reverse tape removal. And some overall touch up to fold lines.  This one sheet has also been beautifully professionally linen backed. That being said,  this poster has amazingly retained it’s bright , striking colors and as you can see the breath-taking artwork of some of the most important movie stars of the 20th century. 

Throughout the 1930's, Warner Brothers delivered many quality crime and gangster dramas that usually featured the likes of the studio's distinguished contract star roster. This 1938 release is one of the prime examples. James Cagney and Pat O'Brien (who were frequently cast in films together and this is their best one together) portray boyhood buddies who reunite years later after Cagney is released from prison where he had served for many years for a petty crime that he committed while he was still a kid. Cagney has not learned his lesson that crime doesn't pay and so he returns to his old neighborhood to set up his criminal hideout. Meanwhile, his old friend, O'Brien has given up being a street hood and has since become a respected priest who naturally doesn't think highly of the life that his friend has chosen for himself. To make matters worse, six young boys (portrayed by the Dead End Kids) whom O'Brien is trying to lead down the right paths begin to idolize Cagney. Humphrey Bogart also appears in a pre big box office star part as a lawyer and screen veteran George Bancroft also costars as a dishonest crime boss. Michael Curtiz' direction and Max Steiner's musical score are also highlights. This film is one of the all time great ones of the 1930's and an excellent showcase for its legendary cast and crew.


Angels with Dirty Faces (Warner Brothers, 1938). One Sheet (27" X 41").
This incredible picture, in which two childhood friends take very different paths in life, features one of James Cagney's very best roles. As Rocky Sullivan, Cagney plays a big shot gangster who becomes a local hero to a gang of youths (The Dead End Kids). Rocky's old friend, Father Jerry Connelly (Pat O'Brien), tries to convince Rocky to help him save the kids from a life of crime. The final scene, in which Rocky seems to turn yellow on his way to the electric chair - was Rocky really scared, or did he do it for the kids? - is a masterpiece of ambiguity. Rounding out the stellar cast is Humphrey Bogart, who co-stars as the crooked James Frazier, and Ann Sheridan, who plays Laury Ferguson, Rocky's angelic girlfriend. As one of Warner Brothers' top gangster films of the 1930s, paper from this title is considered extremely collectible. It is also exceedingly rare. Offered here is a highly desirable, and seldom-seen, one sheet..

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original 

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