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Pride of the Yankees Movie Poster Gary Cooper Babe Ruth 1949

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"Pride of the Yankees", 1942
Original Vintage Movie Poster One Sheet
Starring Gary Cooper & Babe Ruth

This is an important piece of sports AND film history.   It is the most significant sports related movie artifact we have ever acquired.  It is also a piece I have personally sought to acquire for my own collection, so you may see this disappear from the website.   Extraordinary artwork and in particular a full image of Babe Ruth as himself (which was NOT on the original 1942 one sheet movie poster). This 1949 re-release appeared in theaters the year after the beloved Babe died. Excellent condition and has been professionally linen backed.

Film Description: The Pride of the Yankees (The Life of Lou Gehrig), the classic 1942 Sam Wood New York City baseball sports biography melodrama ("It's the great American story"; "The crowd worshiped him... one woman understood him!"; "Intimate and thrilling drama of a hero of the headlines... the girl who had his love and shared his life, but dared not question his one secret"; nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award; based on the life of famed New York Yankees baseball player, Lou Gehrig) starring Gary Cooper (in his nominated for Best Actor Academy Award role, as Lou Gehrig), Teresa Wright (in her nominated for Best Actress Academy Award role, as Eleanor Gehrig), Babe Ruth (playing himself!), Walter Brennan, Dan Duryea, Veloz & Yolanda, Hardie Albright, Ray Noble and His Orchestra, Elsa Janssen (as Lou Gehrig's mother), and Ludwig Stossel (as Lou Gehrig's father). Note that in addition to Babe Ruth, several famous Yankee baseball players appeared as themselves, notably Bill Dickey, Bob Meusel, Mark Koenig, and Bill Stern!

Important Added Info: Note that when this classic movie was first released in 1942, producer Sam Goldwyn was scared to death that the public would not go to see a "baseball" movie, and so all of the first release posters depict the movie as a romance between Cooper and Wright, with no mention of baseball at all! By 1949, when the movie was first re-released, it was recognized not only that baseball was a major appeal of the movie, but also that the appearance of the real Babe Ruth, who had just died, was a real attraction as well, and so not only do the 1949 re-release posters show the baseball angle, but they also include a full-length image of Babe Ruth in his Yankees uniform, who is billed as "Babe Ruth Himself"! For these reasons, most of the 1949 re-release items sell for greater amounts than those from the 1942 first release!