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Laurel & Hardy "Saps at Sea" vintage movie poster one sheet


"Saps at Sea", 1940
Original Vintage Movie Poster One Sheet (27x41")
Starring Laurel & Hardy

Great, extremely rare, vintage one sheet with terrific artwork and graphics from the 40's re-release of this Laurel & Hardy classic. Very good condition. Has some pieces torn from the borders. Only the "L" in Laurel is affected, the rest of the main area and all graphics and artwork are not damaged. Also, I was able to easily remove the tape you see at the top, so they are no longer there.

That said, what makes this a remarkable find is, based on our extensive research there has NEVER been one of these sold. The two top movie poster auctioneers in the country have never sold one. And, the leading movie poster expert Bruce Hershenson stated he has never seen one.

Linen backing would eliminate the border tears and all flaws, and give the poster a near mint appearance, resulting in a gorgeous poster and the only possibly the ONLY ONE IN EXISTENCE! Our linen backer quoted about $300 to linen back and restore this magnificent piece. So, if you wish us to do this for you let us know. The cost will be added to the current price.

This was a favorite film of Winston Churchill. This film was played aboard HMS Prince of Wales when Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston S. Churchill met to establish the Atlantic Charter. It was a favorite film of Prime Minister Churchill.

Stan and Ollie work in a horn factory. Ollie develops 'hornophobia' and starts going crazy each time he hears horns or horn-based musical instruments. Stan and Ollie are sent home so that Ollie can recuperate. A doctor played by James Finlayson in his last Laurel and Hardy film is called to treat Ollie and, warning Ollie that he could develop a more serious condition, "hornomania," he prescribes a relaxing boat trip and goat's milk. Ollie dismisses the idea but Stan prescribes an alternative: they'll simply rent a boat and keep it attached to the dock, getting all the sea air they can while never actually going out to sea. Ollie thinks this might be a good idea, Then when Stan's trombone teacher arrives and he hears the music and throws the teacher out, he knows he should take that advice. Stan and Ollie rent an unseaworthy boat called 'Prickly Heat' that is supposed to stay moored to the dock. An escaped murderer named Nick Grainger stows away on the boat to avoid being caught by the police. The goat which they have brought to provide milk chews away at the docking line and overnight the boat drifts out to sea. Nick confronts Stan and Ollie with a gun (which he affectionately names "Nick Jr") and tells them to make him breakfast. They have no food on board so decide to make him a synthetic breakfast made up of string, soap and whatever else they can find. Nick spies on them and realizes what they are up to. He then makes them eat the fake food. Stan becomes inspired and starts to play his trombone. Ollie starts to go crazy and overcomes the criminal. The coastguard arrive. Stan and Ollie are in line for a reward for capturing Nick. Stan starts playing the trombone again and Ollie goes crazy attacking the coastguard captain. They are arrested and put in a cell with Nick.

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