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Tramp Charlie Chaplin Original Title Card movie poster 1915

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"The Tramp", 1915
Original Vintage Title Card movie poster (11x14")
Starring Charlie Chaplin

An incredibly significant find and important piece of Hollywood History!  The rarity of ANY paper on this title cannot be understated.  As a matter of fact we believe this may be the only title card for this Chaplin masterpiece in existence. We base that on the two largest, well known movie poster auction houses never having offered any lobby cards from this title according to their database archives.

The incredibly rare surviving title card is in quite good condition for its nearly 100 years.  It does have some dirt , particularly around the borders which could easily be cleaned by a professional restorer (but I personally love the look and feel of its century of wear and aging).   Just a terrific relic from the very beginning of motion pictures and maybe Chaplin’s most important and well known production and performance. .

The Tramp, also known as The Little Tramp (Charlot internationally) was Charlie Chaplin's most memorable on-screen character, a recognized icon of world cinema most dominant during the silent film era.

The Tramp, as portrayed by Chaplin, is a bumbling but usually good-hearted character who is most famously presented as a vagrant who endeavors to behave with the manners and dignity of a gentleman despite his actual social status. However, while he is ready to take what paying work that is available, he also uses his cunning to get what he needs to survive and escape the authority figures who will not tolerate his antics. Chaplin's films did not always portray "The Tramp" (or "The Little Fellow," as Chaplin called him) as a vagrant, however. The character was rarely referred to by any names onscreen, although he was sometimes identified as "Charlie" and rarely, as in the original silent version of The Gold Rush, "The Little funny Tramp".