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Green Hornet Original Vintage Movie Poster, 1940 Key Luke


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"The Green Hornet - Chapter 10"
Original Vintage Movie Poster, 1940  (27x41")
Starring Warren Hall as Britt Reid and Keye Luke as Kato



A vintage movie poster we’re Super excited about !!

This week we acquired a vintage movie poster that is not only extremely Rare, but based on extensive research this particular poster has only appeared on the market once, about ten years ago when it sold at auction for $2000.
With some of the very best artwork you'll ever find for this Original Green Hornet serial classic.   And, if like myself if you were also obsessed with the Green Hornet 1966 TV Show (of which a poster was never produced),  then this is a dream come true!   In Excellent 100% Un-Restored condition for its 80+ Years !  With just some expected fold wear and very minor fold splitting.   But, as you can see in the enlargeable image above, it is in quite extraordinary condition. 

* See enlargeable image above

So, sit back , relax and enjoy the below 20 minute delightful trip back in time to 1940 and the Original Green Hornet fighting to make the world a better place.   And then think about what it was like driving to the movie theater 80 years ago in a 1940 Chrysler , walking into the theater lobby and seeing this traffic stopping stunner vintage movie art!

Here is one movie poster that has it all!  AND, you won’t find it anywhere else but here at CVTreasures !

The appeal for this great find is multidimensional !   Not only for the vintage movie poster collector and aficionado, but the 1940s serial collector, 1960s Green hornet  fan, classic TV collectors and more.   What makes this particular Green Hornet movie poster uniquely desirable is it the Only 1940s Green Hornet one sheet we could find that has not only several images of the Green Hornet,  but a spectacular close-up of Kato and the Green Hornet  falling from mid air.   A striking Kato close up None of the other posters for this Green Hornet 1940-41 Serial had. 
Some of these 1940s Green Hornet one sheets have sold upwards of $8000.  But, none of them had artwork comparable to this one!   

Truly a once in a lifetime find for the exclusive collector looking to add an extremely rare and desirable piece to his/her collection.   Relax for 20 minutes and enjoy the preserved copy on YouTube below

Original release one sheet with superb graphics of Green Hornet and Kato flying in mid air from explosion at top as gangsters look on with one firing pistol with close up image of Green Hornet at lower right. Copyright 1940 Universal Pictures Corp for sequel to the earlier serial "The Green Hornet". The serial was based on the Green Hornet radio series by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker. The plot involved racketeering and had stand alone episodes instead of continuous story. The serial starred Warren Hall as Britt Reid and Keye Luke as Kato.  (Note: Keye Luke best known as Charlie Chan's sidekick and in later years as the "Master" in Kung Fu)

Note:  Cvtreasures stamp Not on original