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Invaders from Mars Classic One SheetSci Fi Movie Film Poster


Original Antique Old Classic Sci Fi Horror Film Theater Movie Posters Memorabilia For Sale
Invaders from Mars, 1953
Original Vintage Classic One Sheet Horror Sci Fi Movie Film Poster



Not just a historical investment-grade collectible but Stunning Exclusive Home Decor!

Here is an exciting piece fo Classic Hollywood Sci Fi History!

Here is one of the most impressive pieces from the classic movie art genre with the Alien holding his victim and the cast members looking up at it. 

Condition:  Very Good 100% Original Un-restored condition with original fold lines, light staining on borders, some pinholes in corners.  Would oook fantastic after linen backing.   However, some collectors like to keep their posters Un-restored so we'll leave it up to the new lucky Owner.  

Invaders from Mars (20th Century Fox, 1953). Folded,  Fine. One Sheet (27" X 41").
This science fiction classic put a new spin on the genre by telling the story from a child's point of view. Young David McLean watches his parents and other adults become emotionless zombies before he soon discovers the reason: their minds are being taken over by "Invaders" from another world. This film was released at the height of the Cold War when the public's subliminal fear of mind-controlling communists was very real. This folded space age style poster displays a vibrant interior with some minor stains and pinholes in the borders.

Starring Helena Carter, Arthur Franz, Jimmy Hunt, Leif Erickson, Hilary Brooke, and Morris Ankrum. Directed by William Cameron Menzies. An unrestored poster with good color and an overall very presentable appearance. 

As unsettling as any science fiction film can be, this tale is told through the eyes of young David MacLean (Jimmy Hunt) as he watches his parents and all the grownups in town fall under the control of invading space aliens. A perfect paranoia-inducing vehicle, the picture skillfully leveraged the Cold War atmosphere of the day, providing a metaphor for the fear of Communist infiltration into the United States. 

Note: Be very cautious with this particular one sheet poster as there was a re-release in 1955 and some auctions have sold this re-release as an original 1953 release.   The difference is although the NSS Number shows “53” in the lower right border,  the date in lower left border clearly shows 1955.  Also, the re-release poster one sheet colors are Over saturated.  This is particularly noticeable with much more Red blood on the Alien, whereas the original has very subtle red.     * Some people think the 1955 may be a misprinted 1953, however the other disparities seem to make that unlikely since it appears a different printing plate and coloring process was used on the 1955 version

NOTE: This particular one sheet Also has the original official studio stamp on back which seasoned collectors like for its additional layer of authenticity.  See image below. 

* See enlargeable images above and below

: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original