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Jaws Original Vintage Movie Poster One Sheet 1975

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Sorry, this is sold out , but contact us for similar alternative we may have.

Original Vintage Horror Sci Fi Jaws Movie Posters Memorabilia Collectibles for Sale
"Jaws", 1975
Original Vintage Movie Poster One Sheet

2025 is the 50th Anniversary JAWS
Released June 20, 1975

Its hard to believe that in just two years we'll be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of this iconic film!

This iconic movie poster one sheet needs no introduction.  Maybe the most influential film of all time if you go by its affect on the human psyche.   If you saw this movie particularly when it was first released it truly made you forever think about just how far you would wander into the water.   For me, I still am extra vigilant at the beach.   

This particular original vintage on sheet movie poster was actually used to promote the film in 1975.  Nice bright colors with expected fold lines and border wear typically seen on theatrical movie posters.  But, professional linen backing has corrected normal wear and tear like fold lines and small border tears. 
NOTE:  Just returned from professional linen backing and looks Amazing!  

 * See enlargeable image above and below

More than any other post 60's poster, this one has skyrocketed in value in just the past couple years.  Only Star Wars is in the same 1970s league as "JAWS".    If you are a collector with an eye for investment, this is the one to watch!

NOTE:   This original movie poster  advertising art is one of the most desirable of the 1970s.  More than any other poster the value of this cinematic masterpiece has appreciated exponentially .   It was just a couple years ago we wrote about "Jaws" one sheets selling for $1000.  In just that short period of time, they've surged to up to $3000+ investments.     And show no signs of slowing down.   In October 2021 a one sheet sold at auction for $3720.  And now dealers are selling for $3600 and up. 

NOTE:   Be very cautious when buying "Jaws" (and other one sheets) as many listed for sale are Fakes/Reproductions.  Such as Many listed on eBay.   That's why our Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity is so important to our customers.  

There are four variations with and without the NSS PG Rating and two have the copyright info box missing on bottom border.  There has been some debate that the two with the PG Rating and copyright missing are bootlegs, while some dealers and collectors think one of the missing copyright versions May be real.    However,  we are meticulous about authenticity and will Only offer genuine original one sheets with the copyright info on bottom.   And ideally with also the PG Rating.  The versions without PG rating were later releases after the studio removed the PG rating from the posters. 
 * See enlargeable image above and below

*Note: This is the Unquestionably Authentic RARE "PG" Version where the PG Rating is at the bottom, which was removed in later printings.  Also has the copyright box on bottom and NSS Number in lower right "75/155", which is MISSING on Fakes/Reproductions. 

About a month ago we announced the exciting acquisition of an authentic  vintage Jaws one sheet   that we sent to have professionally linen backed.    That Gem has returned and it looks Amazing.  BUT, something unexpected happened.  When I asked for an image of the poster after linen backing they sent me an image of the poster in a wooden frame apparently used for linen backing.    And it hit me!  Holy Cow!  That looks Gorgeous!     Like someone  made a custom frame molding out of old beat up boat wood,  maybe from a boat that sank from a shark attack !!      How AWESOME would that be ?

Just my creative juices flowing for another spectacular presentation display idea for the many historical treasures on our website.  

Jaws (Universal, 1975). One Sheet (27" X 41"). Roger Kastel's art
Just one look at this poster and it instantly provokes a response in the viewer. Roger Kastel's artwork for Steven Spielberg's summer blockbuster is among the most iconic images in the history of cinema and with each passing year, the poster, like the film itself becomes more legendary. Roy Scheider as the Sheriff and reluctant man to step on a boat, Robert Shaw as the vengeful and determined Quint, captain of the Orca, and Richard Dreyfuss as the obsessed Marine Biologist come together as an unlikely trio all out for the same objective; to kill a shark that has been eating the inhabitants of Amity Island. Peter Benchley's novel would propel Spielberg's film and the directors career into the stratosphere. Lorraine Gary and Murray Hamilton co-star.

Peter Benchley's best-selling novel served as the basis for director Steven Spielberg terrifying motion picture about a great white shark that terrorizes an island resort town in New England. This Oscar-winning thriller starring Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, and Richard Dreyfuss took such a big bite out of the box office that it was followed by three sequels. The iconic image of Bruce the shark and Susan Backlinie (by artist Roger Kastel)  is one of the most famous images of any film of the last fifty years, making this one sheet a collector favorite.  Roger Kastel Artwork. 

Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT On original