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Man From Planet X vintage lobby card 1951

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Original Vintage Classic Film Horror Sci Fi Movie Theater Posters For Sale
The Man from Planet X, 1951
Original Vintage Lobby Card Sci Fi Movie Poster

Very Rare & Desirable vintage lobby card from this popular 1951 Sci Fi classic.   We have waited 35 years to acquire a lobby card from this film and in particular one of ONLY TWO lobby cards (out of the set of eight) that featured a "Planet X Man".   Hence, the most desirable card of the set!   We have always wanted to own the one sheet from this Sci Fi classic.  However, selling for up to $12,000 at auction, the demand and hence value of the coveted one sheet is just too high..  So you can imagine how excited we are to nab this spectacular piece of Sci Fi movie history!  Excellent condition and as you can see terrific bright colors and beautiful border art of the "Planet X Man".  

The Man from Planet X (United Artists, 1951). Lobby Card (11" X 14"). Science Fiction.
Starring Robert Clarke, Margaret Field, Raymond Bond, William Schallert, Roy Engel, David Ormont, Gilbert Fallman, Tom Daly, June Jeffery, and Pat Goldin. Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer. A partially restored lobby card that displays signs of use.

Interstellar diplomacy take a serious blow in this atmospheric low-budget thriller from director Edgar G. Ulmer, which features one of the creepier men-from-another-planet in movie history. The mysterious Planet X wanders into our solar system and dispatches an emissary to make contact with the local population. But evil scientist William Schallert wants to exploit the gentle E.T. for his own nefarious purposes.

The early 1950s, with the nation gripped in the panic of the Red Scare, was the perfect time for belligerent aliens to visit Earth -- "War of the Worlds," "The Thing From Another World" and "Invaders From Mars"being prime examples. Besides Klaatu, one of the few E.T.s who came in peace was "The Man from Planet X," and even his mission was subverted by an evil scientist.

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