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Mole People Original Vintage Title Lobby Card Movie Poster 1956

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The Mole People, 1956
Original Vintage Title Lobby Card Movie Poster (11x14")

Great vintage movie poster paper with terrific Sci Fi graphics of the Mole Men creatures. Very good-excellent condition. 

The Mole People (Universal, 1956). Title Lobby Card (11" X 14"). Some of the best sci-fi lobby cards of the 1950s, featuring "terrifying monsters from a lost age," these are pieces every genre aficionado must possess for their own collection. Stars John Agar, Cynthia Patrick, and Hugh Beaumont discover an entire underground civilization of albinos led by High Priest Elinu (Alan Napier, better known as Alfred the butler on TV's Batman) who keeps grotesque creatures -- the mole people of the title -- as slaves.

John Agar is Dr. John Bentley, who heads up an expedition to find a lost tribe of Sumerians. What the group finds deep below the surface of the earth is a community of albinos who use half human-half mole people as slaves. The humps for these creatures were created by stuffing the backs of the actors with newspapers. Arguably one of the best aspects of the picture is the paper produced to promote it.

 Universal always had a knack for creating memorable monsters, and this classic '50s shocker is no exception. With their bug-eyes and massive claws, the mole men are creepy and mysterious, burrowing up from the bowels of the earth to menace John Agar and Beaver's dad, Hugh Beaumont.

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