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Tarantula Vintage Movie Poster One Sheet RARE VERSION

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Original vintage Horror Sci Fi movie posters classic memorabilia collectibles for sale
"Tarantula", 1955
Original Vintage Horror Sci Fi Movie Poster One Sheet


Film Description: Tarantula!, the 1955 Jack Arnold Universal giant spider science fiction (sci-fi) fantasy monster horror thriller ("MONSTER SPIDER... Crawling terror 100 feet high!"; "Researchers seeking a clue!"; "Can anything escape it!"; "Giant spider... deadly accident of science! ...and every second it grows bigger!"; "Towering over cities! Even dynamite can't stop it! Thousands flee its terror!"; "Monster spider 100 feet high!"; "Giant spider strikes! ...crawling terror 100 feet high!"; "Flee city in panic! 100 foot monster spider in attack! Dynamite fails to halt creature!"; "The terror of its dread embrace... the awesome evil of its venom-dripping jaws... threatens all mankind!") starring John Agar, Mara Corday, Leo G. Carroll, Nestor Paiva, Ross Elliott, and Clint Eastwood (in an early uncredited role as a jet pilot)

An amazing Sci-Fi movie poster from this 1955 classic. This is the very rare 40x60" version with much different graphics and artwork, than the typical one sheet that appears on the market more frequently.   It is on heavier card stock like paper.  The incorporation of photo graphics of John Agar and co-stars with the animated artwork of the monster, makes this a most unusual, visually appealing and highly desirable find for the serious collector.  Actually one of my favorite Sci-Fi posters.  This is only the second time we acquired this piece and have only seen it appear on the market once or twice in the past 25 years. 

Tarantula (Universal International, 1955). Poster (40" X 60"). Science Fiction.
A memorable entry in the giant monster genre so popular in the 1950s, this exciting film stars Leo G. Carroll as a scientist doing research in gigantism. When one of his experimental spiders escapes and grows to enormous size, the entire surrounding population is threatened. Sharp-eyed viewers will recognize a very young Clint Eastwood in the climax of the movie, as the jet squadron leader who attacks the giant spider. Offered here is a wonderful poster for this fan-favorite film, brilliantly presented in dazzling day-glo colors. The poster had some horizontal creases and minor smudging and small border tears.. Professional paper backing has expertly addressed these issues, resulting in a poster that will be the pride of any collection.  Very Good condition and has been professionally paper backed..

What is paperbacking? 
This means the poster was backed onto a light paper backing (acid-free), that is similar in feel to that of the original poster (it means that the poster must be handled carefully, as the backing does not give it much added strength, but it is similar to having an unrestored poster, and yet it has been properly preserved). It is a similar process to linenbacking, except that most collectors use linenbacking for one-sheets and paperbacking for heavier card stock posters like half-sheets, inserts, window cards and this large size one sheet.

Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original poster
** See enlargeable image above for more detailed view

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