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Wolf Man Horror Movie Poster Original Lobby Card, 1941 SCARCE!

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"The Wolfman", 1941
Original Vintage Lobby Card horror movie poster 
Starring Lon Chaney Jr


NOTE:  This particular vintage Horror treasure has sold.  But, we just acquired two even BETTER Original Classic Wolf Man Lobby Cards ... see them HERE...

UPDATE: On March 19,2010 - A "Wolfman" lobby card sold at Heritage Auctions for $10,157

The Wolf Man (Universal, 1941). Lobby Card. Starring Lon Chaney, Jr., Claude Rains, Ralph Bellamy, Bela Lugosi, Maria Ouspenskaya. Directed by George Waggner and written by Curt Siodmak

Lon Chaney was the star of what has become one of Universal Studios' greatest horror films. By the time this film was released at the beginning of WWII, the studio was trying to bring life back to the franchise that kept them solvent through the Depression: the monster movie, and they needed a new character. They made a werewolf film some five years prior in "Werewolf of London," but now revisited that character with a more horrific story.

There are horror movie posters collectors that pay tens of thousands of dollars for Hollywood treasures such as an original Frankenstein or Dracula lobby card. But, our absolute favorite has always been the original “Wolf Man”.  Nothing scared me more as a child than the Wolf Man.   And, for 25 years we have looked and searched the universe for original posters from this horror classic Masterpiece. In particular, the lobby cards have been our most desirable acquisition. .  In contrast to the one sheet and half sheets the lobby cards are spectacular. The colors and graphics are amazing.  In 25 years we have only owned one of the original lobby cards and it was the insignificant “Gypsy festival “ scene with none of the main characters.

Here is what is considered to be one of the best cards of the set with the unforgettable Maria Ouspenskaya and Claude Rains who played Larry Talbot’s (Chaney/Wolf Man) father.  Gorgeous lobby card with stunning colors and close-ups of these two main characters.

Condition is very good. Had minor professional restoration.. There was a small tear on lower right corner and tape on back. There were two pieces of tape one upper left and middle right borders.  The upper left had a small chip out of the border corner. The image area was excellent with no issues. No backing. With the minor border area flaws addressed, now presents in gorgeous Excellent-Near Mint condition, while maintaining its original vintage look and appearance.  See image.

And, as always we Guaranteed Authenticity for Life

In this lobby card we have what many believe to be the real scene stealer in 'The Wolf Man',  Maria Ouspenskaya who plays the gypsy woman Maleva (see the review below on IMDB).  With giants like Lugosi and Chaney many actors would be intimidated. But, Maria Ouspenskaya rose to the occasion, and then some.  I personally believe if there ever was a character actor or actress that we could never get enough of it was Maria Ouspenskaya. She had a surreal and extraordinary presence on the big screen.  And, with only a couple dozen films we, the public, were truly robbed of a spectacular talent. Take the time to read her biography in IMDB:

See review below:

Lon Chaney Jr's signature role is still one of his best performances. 'The Wolf Man' is an undisputed horror classic.

Lon Chaney Jr lived under the shadow of his famous father, but in 'The Wolf Man' he helped create a horror icon that has lasted for over seventy years. Chaney had already shown that he could act in 'Of Mice And Men'(1939). In 'The Wolf Man' he gives another excellent performance, but this movie was both a blessing and a curse to his career I think. It forever labeled him a horror actor, and frankly he made a lot of lousy movies after this. Some good ones too, don't get me wrong, but too often he was given b-grade material to work with. Maybe his drinking problem had a lot to do with it, I don't know, but apart from a strong cameo in 'The Defiant Ones'(1958) and a great performance in Jack Hill's cult classic 'Spider Baby'(1964), he rarely was given a role as good as Larry Talbot in this movie.

Chaney is surrounded by a very strong supporting cast including horror legends Claude Rains ('The Invisible Man') and Bela Lugosi (sadly only a cameo), Ralph Bellamy ('His Girl Friday'), and frequent costar Evelyn Ankers (she and Chaney made a great on screen couple but apparently hated each other off screen. Such is Hollywood!). Many people complain about the casting of Rains and Chaney as father and son. I agree it's totally unrealistic, but I don't think it hurts the movie at all. The lack of Lugosi is a bigger problem. There was more footage of him but unfortunately it wasn't used in the final cut. It's too bad as more scenes between Lugosi and Chaney would have been a treat. Of course they worked together a few times after this, but mostly in lesser movies.

The real scene stealer in 'The Wolf Man' is Maria Ouspenskaya who plays the gypsy woman Maleva. She's just terrific, and gives the most memorable performance after Chaney. 'The Wolf Man' has had an enormous influence on just about every subsequent werewolf movie. Much of the lore seen on screen here isn't in fact traditional, as many people assume, but created by the talented Curt Siodmak ('Donovan's Brain') who subsequently wrote the horror classics 'I Walked With A Zombie'(1943), and 'The Beast With Five Fingers'(1946). 'The Wolf Man' is an undisputed horror classic, and just as entertaining and interesting today as it ever was over 70 years ago.



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