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Rifleman Original Vintage TV Script Chuck Connors


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"Rifleman", 1960
Original Vintage TV Script



RIFLEMAN TV script August 11, 1960, Denny Miller's personal copy!

Here is a Rare Original TV script for the "Rifleman" from August 11, 1960 (for the episode "The Promoter") and the screenplay was written by Philip Saltzman.   (Note: This is the first time we have ever seen an Original "Rifleman" script appear on the market) 

Note that this script was acquired from the Denny Miller estate. Mr. Miller, a former screen Tarzan, did much TV work in the 1960s, and he saved his copies of scripts. Mr MIller was  guest star in the "Rifleman" August 11, 1960 episode "The Promoter"

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