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Howard Chandler Christy Original Vintage Antique WWI Lithograph


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“Clear The Way!“
Original Vintage Antique WWI Propaganda Poster Lithograph
Howard Chandler Christy



One piece of history I've had an intense desire to find since we started collecting in 1980 is one of the most desirable WWI Propaganda posters ever created!   From arguably the most desirable of all War/Military artists Howard Chandler Christy, famous for his series of gorgeous "Christy Girl" illustrations.

So we are excited to have finally acquired an original WWI era 1918  “Clear The Way!“ lithograph poster.  In Amazing excellent condition for its 104+ years! And has been professionally linen backed.

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World War I "Christy Girl" Propaganda (U.S. Government Printing Office, 1918). Very Fine on Linen. Full-Bleed Liberty Loan Poster (20" X 30") "Clear the Way!" Howard Chandler Christy Artwork. 
Artist Howard Chandler Christy depicts Columbia as one of his famous "Christy Girls" in this beautiful poster, created to drive public support and participation in the U.S.'s Fourth Liberty Loan. A restored poster with bright color and a clean overall appearance. It may have general signs of use, such as small chips and tears in the top border. Although backed on linen, no further restorations have been made. 

Clear The Way! 
Artist: Howard Chandler Christy. Printed for the Fourth Liberty Loan, this poster depicts Miss Liberty with a flag standing over sailors at gun. Just as TV commercials today spread catch phrases overnight, printed advertising and posters had the same effect in the early part of the 20th Century. This dynamic image of a flag-draped Miss Liberty, seeming to protect a naval gun battery, was designed by Howard Chandler Christy (1873 - 1952), who was at the height of his fame when it appeared. He earned his spurs as a wartime artist when he accompanied U.S. troops to Cuba in 1898, an experience that stood him in good stead when he was called on to create his famed series of patriotic WWI posters. His Christy's Girls are still known world-wide for their almost mysterious sensuality and emotive expressions. Their dreamy expressions enticed numerous young men to take up arms and enlist, and numerous Americans to empty their pockets!   A wonderful poster by a prolific artist. Any serious collector knows what an amazing and Rare opportunity this is!

Painter and illustrator Howard Chandler Christy first became internationally famous when he was sent to cover the Spanish American War by Scribner's Magazine. Upon meeting Teddy Roosevelt, Christy drew many illustrations of the "Rough Riders." His extreme patriotism was rewarded during WWI when he was chosen to create a set of posters for the US government to promote the Red Cross, enlistment, and Victory Liberty Loan campaigns. 

As public meetings, which served to generate funds for the war effort, lessened due to the influenza epidemic in 1918, the importance of posters such as this, urging people to buy war bonds, increased. The artwork is by the renowned artist Howard Chandler Christy, famous for his series of gorgeous "Christy Girl" illustrations. 

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