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Twenty Thousand Men a Year, WWII vintage movie poster, 1939


"Twenty Thousand Men a Year", 1939
Original Vintage One Sheet Movie Poster (27x41")


Some of the most spectacular vintage movie poster art you will ever see is from many of the WWII posters, particularly aviation related. Just take a look at this beauty, what else needs to be said! Very good condition with some minor paper loss at crossfold. Easily corrected and would also look amazing with professional linen backing (we can recommend a good linen backer).

Twenty Thousand Men a Year, the 1939 Alfred Green World War II (WWII) airplane aviation school thriller ("College men of nerve! Girls who love them! The men who give them wings!"; "Original story by Frank Wead") starring Randolph Scott, Preston Foster, Margaret Lindsay, Mary Healy, Robert 'Buddy' Shaw, George Ernest, Jane Darwell (great character actress who is best remembered as "Ma Joad" in "The Grapes of Wrath"), Kane Richmond, and Max 'Slapsie Maxie' Rosenbloom (billed as "Maxie Rosenbloom"; a professional boxer who appeared in several movies)

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