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Abraham Lincoln & Johnson Ferrotype Campaign Token, 1864

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Political Presidential Campaign Buttons Abraham Lincoln Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale 
Abraham Lincoln & Johnson
Original Antique Ferrotype Campaign Token, 1864
"For President Abraham Lincoln 1864"



Incredible, Extremely Scarce - 1864 Lincoln & Johnson Ferrotype Campaign Token.    In exceptionally Nice Condition!
You will be hard pressed to ever find one in this condition again!

Serious Lincoln collectors will appreciate the RARITY of this Historical Lincoln treasure. These "type" examples of a round, bearded 1864 Lincoln & Johnson ferro are much more scarce than the 1860 versions with Lincoln & Hamlin.  For every 20 Lincoln/Hamlin campaign tokens that appear on the market, there is ONE Lincoln/Johnson token.   These were actually used 160 years ago, during Abraham Lincoln's 1864 re-election  campaign..    
with his new VP Andrew Johnson, replacing Hannibal Hamlin....  

We had one of these a few years ago, and sold it within a couple days for $4000.   (and that one had two letters in "Lincoln" scratched off). 

Condition Report:  Excellent  with just one minor scratch at Lincoln's temple area not affecting his face at all. .  And although there are some light scratches primarily to Andrew Johnson’s face, the condition is relatively remarkable.    Because 90% of these that appear on the market have experienced either complete or partial rubbed off/destroyed images of either Lincoln, Johnson or Both.      ALSO,  has the Original brass loop that is often missing!

With Both images surviving in full, makes this a Choice Find!   Even the Johnson image which has scratches on his face,  his face is surprisingly unobscured and appears very attractive with him staring right at you . 

* See enlargeable images above and below

The images are quite exceptional,  better then 95% of these that appear on the market...     Also note the incredible sustained detail on the wheat leaf and raised lettering which is almost always worn down from 160 Years of handling wear!.    Also, many of these have at least one or both severely darkened images.  BOTH images here have maintained a beautiful bright and exceptional clarity. 

For those who are not seasoned collectors of Abraham Lincoln campaign memorabilia and 19th century brass token ferrotypes,  this is THE most Rare of the Lincoln campaign tokens.

NOTE:  1864 Lincoln ferros are considerably tougher than those from 1860, probably because numerous varieties with cardboard photos, sold more cheaply and stole much of the market in 1864.

Approx. 1 in. diam. gilt brass pin featuring 5/8 in. diam. ferrotypes of Lincoln and Johnston on the obverse and reverse, respectively (few scratches to Johnson portrait, else good). Obverse with legend "For President / 1864," reverse with legend, "For Vice President / 1864."

* See enlargeable images above and below

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