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Vintage Movie Posters

Three Stooges 3 Stooges Memorabilia Collectibles
Three Stooges
Original Vintage Movie Posters


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The Three Stooges were a hugely popular film comedy team of the mid-1900s, and conitnue to be today (even more so). The original trio were Moe Howard (born Harry Horwitz, 1897-1975), his brother Curly (born Jerry Horwitz, 1903-1952), and Larry Fine (born Louis Feinberg, 1902-1975). Stooge comedy consisted mainly of slapstick eye-gouging, shin-kicking, head-knocking, and the like. The group made nearly 200 comedy shorts between 1934 and 1958. The first 97 starred the original trio; after Curly suffered a stroke in 1946, he was replaced by his brother Shemp, then by Joe Besser, and finally by 'Curly Joe' De Rita.

Original Vintage Movie Posters: styles and sizes

One Sheets - Standard size (27"x41") still used to promote movies in theatres today
Half Sheets (22x28") - Used primarily in theatres prior to 1980
Window Cards (14"x22") - Used to display in local bsuinesses in small towns for movies coming to local theatre prior to 1980..
Inserts (14"x30")
Lobby Card Movie Posters (11"x14") -Set of eight cards. One Title Card (miniature of the one sheet) and seven cards displaying actual scenes from the movie. Ther always used in theatres in the early days to promote movies and coming attractions, however since the 80's they have not been used as mych anytmore. Highly collectible not only because of their near extinction but because of their very popular display and framable size and often better artwork than the one sheets.

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