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Three Stooges Spook Louder vintage Title Card movie poster 1943

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"Spook Louder", 1943
Original Vintage Title Lobby Card Movie Poster (11x14")
Starring The Three Stooges: Moe-Larry-Curly


One of the best Three Stooges movie posters we’ve ever acquired!   An Extraordinary find!

If you are a Three Stooges fan, you may want to grab this treasure, before it's gone!   You're not likely to ever see another!

Over the last 35 years one of our personal collecting passions is original vintage Three Stooges memorabilia.   And to this day the demand for original Three Stooges vintage collectibles is intense.   And in particular high demand, is “Curly era” treasures like original Stooges movie posters from his tenure in the 1930s and 40s.    In the early-mid 1990s some of the 1930s one sheet were selling for over $100,000!   However, in the past 5-6 years the demand has especially moved toward original lobby cards, which are actually more rare than the one sheets.     And the Title Cards from the “Curly era” are the rarest of them all!   Meanwhile,  like any vintage movie poster, the key factor that influences desirability is the quality of the graphics and vintage artwork.  

Which is why we are so excited to have recently acquired not just an extremely rare Stooges Title card from the early 1940s, but one of the most amazing Three Stooges title cards we have ever seen!   The graphics are stunning with an extraordinary close up of the Three boys in the center and another image of them in upper right , along with images of the scary villains to the left.      This terrific Title Lobby Card from this 1943 Comedy-Horror Three Stooges  Columbia short  “Spook Louder”  is some of the best Stooges vintage movie art we have ever seen.   

This Three Stooges short in particular I remember well when I was a young kid.  As a matter of fact, it was the only Stooges film I was scared by.  The skeleton and devil characters are still a little creepy, the hairy Werewolf hand grabbing Moe, and believe it or not those freaky balloons coming out of the chest…. and how can you forget that scary bear?

But what is amazing is the stunning title card created for this Stooges Comedy-Horror short.    The best Three Stooges original vintage movie poster we have ever had the good fortune to acquire in our 35 years collecting!  And, although we have owned a few of the 1940s lobby cards, this is the FIRST Title Card we have ever acquired.
A gem I wish I could keep!

Condition is very good - excellent with just minor border wear and a minor chip from the upper right border corner tip.  Colors are bright and the card is 100% Unrestored!  So you are seeing the card in it's original extraordinary 72 year old condition.   NO touch up, no gel backing, no rip repairs like most of these you will see on th market, particularly before going up for auction!

The Three Stooges in Spook Louder (Columbia, 1943). Title Lobby Card (11" X 14").
Starring Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curly Howard. Directed by Del Lord.
Villain Co-stars Charles Middleton and Ted Lorch also appeared together in the 1936 serial Flash Gordon.

Film Bio:
The stooges are salesman selling a weight reducing machine. They have no luck until they show up at the house of an eccentric inventor where they are hired as caretakers. When the scientist goes to Washington to demonstrate his death-ray machine to the government, the boys are left to guard his house and must contend with enemy spies and a mysterious pie thrower.

Told in flashback by a professor in an interview with a newspaper reporter, this is the story of The Stooges as traveling salesmen trying their best to sell their "Miracle Reducing Machine", which essentially shakes and rattles off the pounds (as Curly's demonstrates). As luck would have it, the boys stumble on the home of Graves the inventor (Ted Lorch), who assumes the Stooges are the new caretakers. Graves is on his way to Washington, D.C. to test his new death ray machine, and leaves his eerie spooky mansion in the hands of the trio. Naturally, spies disguised in Halloween costumes show up once Graves departs. The Stooges are on edge the entire time, particularly because mysterious cream pies come flying out of thin air. Back in the office the reporter is desperate to know who is throwing those pies. The professor confess that he was throwing the pies when out of nowhere a pie flew into his face.

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