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THREE STOOGES Original Vintage Keybook Promotional Photo Still


Authentic 3 Three Stooges Memorabilia Collectibles Merchandise Autograph
Original Vintage Keybook Promotional Photo Still (8x10") 
Starring Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard


Rare Three Stooges 1940s KeyBook photo.   With Original studio snipe on back.      
NOTE:  Of all the Three Stooges Original Type 1 photos released, the most Rare is the Keybook photo.  

NOTE:  Keybook photos were photos the studio and/or Director maintained in a book that was not meant to be available to the public.   They were kept in a studio binder book, hence they typically have punch holes on the photo itself or a backing that had the holes.    These "KeyBook" photos rarely appear on the market and typically come from the estate and/or family of a director or studio executive. 

Many studios spent extra money to have their most special photos, the key book stills, either backed with linen or printed on a heavy paper, both of which enhanced their durability. They had an extra 1" at the left or top, with punch holes, because of how they were stored. Key book stills are far more rare than regular stills, which has increased their popularity among collectors, since only a few keybooks were manufactured per film, and a key book still is guaranteed to be authentic.  This still was stapled to a heavy stock back with staples (NOT glued), with the studio snipe attached to back of backing.   * See enlargeable images above and below..

NOTE: We recently acquired 7 vintage Three Stooges "Keybook" photos.  See the others below under , "Other Vintage Treasures You May Like"..

 This particularly rare photo features close ups of the most revered Stooges ensemble, i,e with Curly. .   Very good condition with handling wear and staples attaching photo to the Keybook page  (Holes NOT in photo itself).     But not bad condition for a nearly 80 year old Original Columbia Pictures photo!  Size: 8x10"..

Original Key Book Still of THE THREE STOOGES (MOE, LARRY and CURLY) from a 1940's Columbia Comedy Short. It does not have the title on the snipe, just the film number (#570). The still is attached to the backing that formed the Key Book and the snipe is on the backing, not the still.  May show some slight age with wear on borders and corners. .


Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original photo