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Three Stooges: Curly Howard Personally Owned Gold Money Clip

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Three Stooges: Curly Howard
His Personally Owned Gold Money Clip
"The Holy Grail" of Three Stooges Artifacts

* Acquired from Shemp Howard's Widow *



Here is one of the most significant pieces of Hollywood History we've ever had the pleasure of owning.   Curly Howard's personal gold money clip.   And in the genre of Hollywood prop and/or personally owned relics, I don't recall an equally solid trail of provenance, all documented, like this extraordinary treasure.  The only thing more impressive is the story behind this astonishing piece once belonging to this comedy legend.   Note:  We were offered this piece a year ago, but the asking price was so exorbitant we would have had to resell it for MUCH more then we actually are.    That said, we now have this most desirable piece once belonging to a member of the most iconic and worshiped comedy team of all time and arguably the most revered member of that team, Jerry "Curly" Howard

Furthermore, although there have been such artifacts once belonging to Moe, Larry and even Shemp on the market on rare occasion, personal Curly items are virtually nonexistent.  And when such items are available, serious collectors grab them and keep them for many years.  Case in Point:  This Stooge's related Gem was owned by the same collector for 27 Years before he decided to consign it to the auction I acquired it from!  

Another example.  About 15 years ago, I had a collector tell me if I ever found him a "Curly personal signed check" he would pay upwards of six figures for it.   Whereas Moe and Larry checks sell for $200-400 each.   (by the way, a "Curly check" has never surfaced).   In brief, I challenge any long time Three Stooges or classic Hollywood collector to find anything equal to this extraordinary Curly
Howard item.  

Curly Howard Personal Gold Money Clip.  Jerome Lester "Jerry" Horwitz was born on October 22,1903. We all know him better as Curly Howard, without a doubt the most beloved of the Three Stooges. If anything, he alone personified the Stooges forever with his iconic "Nyuk-Nyuk-Nyuk", his barking like a dog, his high pitched voice (especially his trademark: "sortinely"!), and his sideways spin. His brothers Moe and Shemp also became a part of the threesome at
various times, as well as the non-brother, Larry Fine. Curly was known for his almost insane generosity. In private life, he was well known for pulling out his famous "almost solid gold" personalized money clip, and peeling off bills to those in need, or to give generous tips. This money clip became part of his legend, and friends and fans were known to shout: "Hey Curly, did you remember your clip?!" This is that one-of-a-kind rare piece of beloved Curly Howard Memorabilia. First in the collection of his brother Shemp Howard's wife, Babe Howard, and then in the hands of one of the top Three Stooges collectors, this clip comes with a myriad of documentation, including a hand-written letter from Babe Howard, a Letter of Provenience from Dan Lange, the mega-Stooge expert and collector and a previous owner of the clip, and letter from Jill Howard, granddaughter of Babe Howard authenticating her grandmother's letter. The gold clip has "CURLY HOWARD" engraved on it with the easily recognizable "postmark" engraved on the upper right hand corner.   * See enlargeable images above and below

Note:  The Rare Howard family photo of Curly and his father, Solomon Horwitz, is NOT Included with this item but will be sold separately.

Provenance:  The extraordinary documented provenance is unprecedented in the collectibles industry

1).  Shemp Howard, an avid jewelry & money clip collector (according to his grand-daughter), acquired the money clip from his younger brother Curly.  It is not known if the exchange was just prior to or after Curly's death. 
2). Handwritten two-page letter dated 1978 from Shemp's wife of 30 years Babe Howard attesting to the history of the money clip.
3). Two Letters of Provenance dated 1987 from Three Stooges expert on how he acquired money clip
4). Letter of provenance from Jill Howard, Shemp's grand-daughter attesting to the authenticity of Babe Howard's handwritten letter of provenance.
5). My own online communication with Jill Howard where Jill states that she "remembers seeing that money clip at her grandmother’s house".

We could go on and on about this museum grade piece.   But, for us to own it, is simply breathtaking.

* See enlargeable images above and below.    
Note:   Cvtreasures stamp not on original

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