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Lost in Space Vintage Topps Card #12 PSA 9 1966


Non Sport Cards
Lost in Space, 1966
Vintage Topps Card #12
PSA High Grade 9

Another set from the 1960s that is VERY Difficult to find high grade cards is the 1966 "Lost in Space" set.  Back in the 60s kids just never thought of preserving these cards we tossed around and attached to our bikes for noise effects.   So VERY few survived over the past 55 years, and in mint condition nearly non existent!   This card #12 PSA Graded a 9 is a Gem of a find!

* See enlargeabe images above and below

1966 Topps Lost in Space trading cards are one of the most popular sets from the era. Charting the early voyages of the Robinsons and their fantastic trip into space, the cards include images from the first handful of the show's episodes.

The 1966 Topps Lost in Space checklist has just 55 cards. But that doesn't mean that it's easy to complete, particularly in top condition. Several cards command a premium, particularly the first card in the set.

Card fronts are very basic. A black and white image from the show's first season is surrounded by a white border. A small black ribbon at the bottom of the card has a short caption and a small space-themed icon. Card backs are much more intricate. Backgrounds are in pink and include a detailed illustration. The card number is in a circle at the top while a writeup that describes the front photo is in a large rectangle.

Collectors should be careful of unauthorized 1966 Topps Lost in Space reprints. One set doesn't have the pink on the back. Another has much sharper images and is printed on better card stock.

Professionally graded cards are especially popular with this set.