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Three Stooges RARE Vintage ungraded CHECKLIST Card #64 1959


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Three Stooges
Original Vintage 1959 Fleer CHECKLIST Card



Here is a Rare opportunity to own an Amazing  HIGH GRADE 1959 Three Stooges SUPER RARE #64 Checklist CardNot graded but an amazing card. With just the slightest lower left corner tip crease and remmants of light pencil checkmarks on back which seem to have been mostly carefully removed  (fortunately it was only pencil and NOT ink). .   That said, great sharp remaining three corners, and near Perfect Centering !   A PSA Graded 8, #64 checklist recently sold for just under $8000!    NOTE: There are Less then ten #64 cards that have been PSA graded 8 or above, and ONLY 32 cards in the total PSA population (vs an average of 275 for other Stooges cards).  

* 99% of these that appear on the market are heavily worn, creased, rounded corners and off center. 

Note: Seasoned collectors know the immense collectible and investment value of these 1959 PSA High Graded Cards.  Serious collectors are buying them up in a frenzy, particularly since PSA has temporarily halted their acceptance program due to overwhelming demand.   PSA Grading pricing will be increasing significantly.  Once these High Grade vintage cards are gone, they’re gone !    There are no more as the supply is extremely low.   For example,  some PSA Grade 9 cards have only 10 or less in existence.

* See enlargeable images above and below

1959 Fleer Three Stooges is one of the most popular trading card sets of all-time. Capturing the hijinks of Larry, Moe and Curly, the set continues to draw tremendous attention on the secondary market decades later.

The 1959 Fleer Three Stooges checklist includes a total of 96 cards. Card fronts have a colorized photo featuring part or all of the trio, usually in the midst of some sort of gag. The plain-bordered cards are captioned at the bottom with a funny quote or punchline.

Card backs are quite decorative with key art and a cartoon of the trio. The card number is housed inside a Fleer crown. The jokes continue on the back with short gags done in the form of scripts.

A handful of cards have extremely rare variation versions that have checklists on the back instead of the tradition text and graphics. These are considered to be some of the most desirable post-war entertainment trading cards. The first three cards in the set, which highlight individual members of the classic comedy trio, also command a premium.

1959 Fleer Three Stooges cards still command strong prices.   It's fairly common for high-grade single cards to sell for hundreds and thoudands of dollars.

The reverse of the cards are colorful with artwork and a cartoon of the trio. The card number is within the red Fleer crown logo and the text body contains short gags or jokes depicted in the form of scripts. Three cards have extremely rare back variations that feature checklists on the reverse instead of the jokes and gag narrations. These very scarce cards are #16, #63 and #64. The Stooges are considered to be some of the most desirable post-war entertainment trading cards.