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Vintage Photograph Increasing Demand

Historical Vintage Photography
Spellbinding Stories Without Uttering a Word

"Nothing Captures History Like Photography"


The reasons people collect historical memorabilia whether it be art, sports or entertainment are endless.   In the case of vintage photography, I will offer my own opinion.     

Unlike baseball cards, coins or even high value paintings, a photograph tells a story by capturing a real moment in time.   Whether it be a horrifying image of War,  Thomas Edison in his laboratory,  JFK riding in his convertible on a nice sunny day in Dallas,  Neil Armstrong looking out the window of Apollo 11, John Lennon signing an autograph for David Chapman or Marilyn Monroe on Santa Monica Beach in July 1962,  photos can tell a 1000 word story without ever saying a single word.

As a collector of vintage movie, sports  and historical memorabilia, I have seen the vintage photograph collecting market soar in the past few years.   In December vintage photos from the Robert Frank Collection  sold at Sothebys for just under $4 million , See Here..

This past Fall an authentic Billy the Kid photo was found and is now valued at $5 million when it goes up for auction..   And as I’ve posted in the past Original period photos from American culture icons like Babe Ruth, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, JFK and others are gaining widespread popularity and demand and hence selling at record prices.

And the media is picking up on this trend.    Below is part of a recent article sent to me from the Arizona Republic.   Consequently, more vintage photography shows and specialty auctions are popping up.    

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Also, note the editorial from the same newspaper of a woman asking about a Frank Sinatra autograph (sorry I couldn’t pass up the plug ..) ).    You never know when your name will come up, so be considerate to everyone!








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