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Babe Ruth and wife Rare TYPE I Baseball Yankees Photo


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Babe Ruth
Rare TYPE I Baseball Yankees Photo Picture, 1925


One of the most extraordinary Intimate TYPE I Babe Ruth photos we’ve ever seen.   And the stunning image of Babe and Mrs. Ruth in a picture that paints a thousand words.   One of the deepest periods for the Babe.    This stunning beautiful sepia, nearly 100 year old TYPE I photo is a photographic masterpiece !

Condition: Excellent for nearly 100 years old.  Note the gorgeous sepia toning that only a Genuine 70-80 year old photo can acquire. 

* See enlargeable images above and below

1925 Was the roughest in the career of Babe Ruth.    He feuded with his manager, got sick himself, and caused his wife to have e nervous breakdown at the thought of his constant infidelity. Finally, Mrs. Ruth was unable to take it and tried to rip off her wedding ring after a public affair of Ruth's was announced and in the process she tore open her finger and had to be hospitalized. This is a rare original photograph showing Ruth at her bedside and trying to make amends. A poignant image from quite possibly the lowest point in Ruth's career, issued by Underwood and Underwood and with a full paper caption on the back.

Size: 6.5x8.5
Designation: Vintage 1

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original