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Eagle Base Ball Club SCARCE 1871

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Eagle Base Ball Club
Original Broadside, 1871
PLUS - The Original EBBC Bylaws Booklet from 1868

In over 25 years of collecting, this may be the most significant piece of sports history we have ever seen or acquired. This original broadside from 1871 is a historical relic from one of the first baseball teams ever assembled. The broadside lithograph celebrates the 18th Anniversary of the Eagle Base Ball Club. What makes this piece even more important is that the Eagle Baseball Club was one of the first New York baseball clubs. Below is a link to baseball history site and an excerpt.

In their first year of existence the Eagle Club played only two matches and each time defeated the mighty Knickerbocker Club at Elysian Fields. The first victory came on November 10th by a score of 21-4, in which the match lasted five full innings. The second win for the Eagle Club came on
November 17th, also in five innings, 22-21. The Gotham Club of New York finished 1-1-1 and the Knickerbockers, who played the most matches of the three clubs, ended the season 1-3-1.

If you conduct your own research on the origins of baseball beginning in the mid 19th century you will find this ball club was a significant part of baseball history.

There is only one example of this broadside known to exist and it resides at the National Baseball Library. However, we have received estimates on what this would sell for at auction.

The broadside was obtained from the family/descendants of Henry Bellows, the Treasurer of the Eagle Baseball Club (his name is on the broadside). It is in remarkable condition for 140 years old. The artwork and printing is quite extraordinary and is an impressive “in person” experience that can’t be conveyed with an online image. It was one time folded but appears to have been rolled for the past several years.

Condition: Has a repaired "U' shaped tear in the middle (not noticable as no pieces are missing) and fold separation at top to about 12" down. There are no missing pieces so the fold separation and tear are not evident without close inspection. The overall condition is incredible with amazing rich bold printing as though it just came off the press.

Broadside Printer: Palmer & Corse, Printers, No. 80 Vesey Street NY

Size: 28x42"

* Also included is the Original 1868 Bylaws Rules booklet for the Eagle Base Ball Club. See images below