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Jack Johnson James Jeffries Original Vintage Boxing photo 1910


Vintage Boxing memorabilia collectibles
Jack Johnson vs James Jeffries
Original Vintage Boxing 6x9" Photo: July 4, 1910

Striking vintage photo of Jack Johnson being introduced by the referee for the 1910 match against James Jeffries.  This fight had a whole lot of history behind it that went beyond just boxing.   Photo was used at that period to promote James Pepper Whiskey.

A 6x9" cardboard premium depicts Billy Jordan introducing Johnson at the 1910 championship fight against James Jeffries. Image is stained and chipped but nicely intact.  See enlargeable images above 

Jack Johnson became the Colored Heavyweight Champion of the World in 1903. However, unsatisfied with his accomplishment, Johnson entered the San Francisco saloon owned and operated by the World Heavyweight Champion, James J. Jeffries, and challenged Jeffries to defend his title against him. Jeffries refused Johnson’s challenge and explained: “I won’t meet you in the ring because you’ve got no name and we won’t draw flies. But I’ll go downstairs to the cellar with you and lock the door from the inside. And the one who comes out with the key will be the champ.” When Johnson expressed doubt about Jeffries’ sincerity, Jeffries assured him that he was serious and that he was prepared to fight him immediately. Johnson reportedly turned and walked away.

After Johnson knocked out Tommy Burns to win the World Heavyweight Championship on December 26, 1908, Jeffries was persuaded to come out of retirement to fight Johnson. Jeffries had not fought since 1904 and his weight had ballooned to almost 300 pounds.

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