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Jem Mace 19th Century Boxing Champion Lithograph 1861

Jem Mace
19th Century Boxing Champion of England
Rare 1860 Lithograph

Circa 1861 Jem Mace Lithograph. Wonderful color portrait of this early star of the British prize ring is marked "London, Published Nov.r 14th, 1860 by George Newbold, 303 & 304 Strand, W.C." It is housed in an original vintage mat headlined "Champion of England, 1861," strongly suggesting that the piece was displayed publicly somewhere, most likely the concourse of an Athletic Club. General staining is apparent but none of it is particularly dark or distracting, and such issues must be forgiven in consideration of the scarcity and century and a half of existence. Marvelously evocative of the mid-19th century era of British bare-knuckle boxin
g. Size 15x20.5". 

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