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Joe Louis vs "Jersey" Joe Walcott, Vintage Boxing Program, 1948


Joe Louis vs "Jersey" Joe Walcott, Vintage Boxing Program, 1948
AND Original Promotional Photo

What makes this particular fight program exceptional is the gorgeous, extraordinary artwork of both fighters on the cover.  Many vintage fight programs had generic covers with the same artwork that was used multiple times.  A real gem to add to any vintage boxing collection.  AND, it also comes with an Original Promo Photo, with great images and stats both fighters. A historical fight at Yankee Stadium ten days after the famous Babe Ruth dedication!  It is rumored that Babe Ruth attended this fight, which would be one of his last public appearances.

1948 Joe Louis vs Jersey Joe Walcott boxing program, official on site fight program for the heavyweight championship of the world, between Joe Louis and jersey Joe Walcott. The fight was held at Yankee stadium, June 23, 1948. The program is in excellent condition