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Muhammad Ali Foreman original fight poster 1974 Full Body Versi


Muhammad Ali Original Vintage Boxing Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale
Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman

"The Rumble in the Jungle"
Original fight boxing poster
Most Desirable Full Body Version


This is an original closed circuit poster from this most celebrated of fights.  It was used to promote the fight at local telecast venues.   It is a beautiful "full body" version poster and considered an aesthetically superior poster to other posters used to promote this most historic match of all time!    Also, other poster versions  only had head shots against of the two fighters, whereas this gem has full body images.   This particular vintage boxing poster is also FAR more scarce than the "half body" version and is rarely ever offered on the market.   

* This poster was used in 1974 to promote the historic fight telecast which took place at the
RKO Madison Theater in Ridgewood, NY, which unfortunately, like many historic landmarks, no longer exists.

The poster features bold yellow, red and black color. It's in Excellent condition with just some age related toning and minor wear around some of the borders. . Completely 100% UN-Restored Original condition..

Ali & Foreman can be seen in fighting poses. A beautiful vintage poster that would enhance any collection.  Size of poster is 14x22" .  It looks amazing!

This is an original fight poster to the fight dubbed "The Rumble in the Jungle" between Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) and George Foreman held in Zaire , Africa on September 24, 1974.. The fight was originally planned for September 24th but was rescheduled for the 29th October (US time) after Foreman suffered a cut in training. Ali shocked the world, knocking out the "unbeatable" Foreman in the 8th round.


Don King’s ambitious promotional plan came to fruition when he successfully negotiated with Zaire's president Mobutu Sésé Seko to hold the anticipated contest in Zaire.  On the 29th October 1974 World Heavyweight Champion Foreman met Ali in Kinshasa. Ali had told his fans that he had a secret plan for Foreman. By the second round this plan was evident as he began lying on the ropes and letting Foreman punch him, without any attempt to fight back. This later became known as the famous rope-a-dope tactic. The savvy challenger allowed the powerful Foreman to effectively punch himself out in the blistering heat. With his shots either deflected or missing outright Foreman struggled to land a clear blow on Ali. The Champion visibly began to fade as the fight wore on and was staggered by shots in the fourth and fifth sessions. Finally in the eighth round, Ali landed the final combination to the drained Foreman - a left hook that brought Foreman's head up into position so that he could drill him with a hard right to the face. Foreman staggered, then twirled across half the ring before landing on his back. Ali was Champion of the World once more! It had been a tactical triumph of epic proportions.

* See enlargeable image above.

Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original

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