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Muhammad Ali George Foreman LARGE "Rumble in Jungle" poster

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Original Vintage Muhammad Ali Boxing Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale
The Rumble in the Jungle", 1974
Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman Vintage Fight Boxing Poster
RARE Large Size: 39x47"

Linen Backed!

This is one of the most requested items we've ever offered as countless people have asked , "will you ever get another large size Ali-Foreman fight poster?".   We have only had one of these posters about 5 years ago.   And we  have only seen Two of these appear on the market in our 37 years collecting vintage sports boxing memorabilia. 

This beauty has been professionally linen backed and looks Amazing!  Ready to hang and showcase in your favorite spot..

Although you will see the smaller 14x22" version on the market now and then, this Large  39x47" size is exceedingly Rare!

o this RARE window of o
pportunity won't last long.   Extraordinary Condition!  Not the typical tears, fold splits, moisture damage, color fading as with most of these vintage boxing posters.   Bright colors and glossy paper has maintained its natural supple condition (Note: unlike the smaller 14x18" posters for this fight which were on heavy stock cardboard, these large style posters are on heavy glossy paper)   Prior to linen backing was  Folded (Most all large movie and fight posters were folded before shipping to theater and fight venues )  ..    Grab this one or you may regret it years for years to come as you may never see it again!   

 * See enlargeable images above and below

This is an original fight poster to the fight dubbed "The Rumble in the Jungle" between Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) and George Foreman held in Zaire , Africa on October 30, 1974.

This vintage boxing treasure is a huge 39” x 47”. Actually used to promote the telecast of fight in 1974.

This is a 1974 original fight poster from the historical Muhammad Ali - George Foreman championship fight printed for the original fight date of Sept. 24, 1974. Due to the cut over George Foremans eye in sparring the fight had to be rescheduled for October 29, 1974. A sheet with the rescheduled date was printed to place on the poster which is rare to find and is also included. The poster is 39" x 47" and the insert sheet is "5 x 10". The poster has a slightly darkened square above George Foreman's head where the date insert sheet was placed. We have never seen a "rescheduled sheet" until now.

This was the first heavyweight championship fight ever fought in Africa !! And, it is the most famous and most heavily depicted heavyweight fight in history pitting these two former Olympic Gold Medal winners, the much heavily favored Foreman against the underdog, Ali. Foreman was undefeated up until this time. The critics, the world believed Foreman was invincible. He made such quick work or Joe Frazier and Ken Norton that I remember the ring side announcers joking that "Forman must have left the car running".

Ultimately it was a fight that proved Ali was "The Greatest," as he defeated Foreman in the 8th round. Ali allowed Foreman to punch himself out as Ali performed his famous "Rope-A-Dope," technique. As a result of this fight, Muhammad Ali was named Fighter of the Year by Ring magazine, and "Sportsman of the Year" by Sports Illustrated! Ali also received the honor of being named Professional Athlete of the Year and received the 1974 Hickok Belt Award.

The significance of this RARE poster cannot be understated! Unlike the few others that have shown up with the fight date stamped over the original scheduled date which was September 24. This poster has the original, untouched date on it. Instead it had a rescheduled sheet above Foreman's head....It is larger then most of the telecast posters which were only 14x18”. This is only the second "large size" of this poster we have ever acquired. X-tremely rare! The poster offered here was actually made for the fight that took place and was actually used to promote it!!

Poster is in Excellent + condition. Amazing  for an Authentic 40+ year old poster that was actually used to promote this historic fight. .  Much better than the last one we sold. And this one has been professionally linen backed and looks Amazing.   WOW! The most desirable poster for this most significant fight that the boxing world has ever seen. (Other than Zaire site poster that sells for 10-15 thousand dollars).

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