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Vintage TOYS & TV

Vintage Old Classic Collectible Toys For Sale
Star Wars Toys, Space Toys, Robot Toys, Tin Toys, Antique Toys, 
Cast Iron Mechanical Banks


Whether you're looking for that ORIGINAL 1950s/60s Vintage Space Toys, Classic Star Wars Toys, Old Robot Toys, Vintage Tin Toys, Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Banks, and Classic TV Toys like Munsters Collectibles, Lost in Space robot, "Green Hornet" Corgi from 1966, an UNOPENED "Batman" toy or "3 Stooges" bubble gum pack from the 60's your long time search could end here.


I remember as a kid how everyone use to make fun of Toys that were "Made in Japan"..  Today many of those now classic vintage Japan Tin Battery Operated Tin Toys are valued at north of $10,000!  Especially the classic Space, Astronaut  and Robot Tin Toys.  And if you were one of th every few who were smart enough to keep those coveted original boxes,  the values can be triple.  But, I guess if we all kept the boxes they wouldn't be so Rare and hence so valuable..

For those of us who grew up in the 60's and 70's these classic TV shows and their characters were larger then life! Of course it will never be the same. I have spent the last 30 years recapturing those wonderful memories from the past by building an exciting, rewarding hobby of these wonderful Treasures from decades ago. And, I've always thought if these rare collectibles are so enjoyable and exciting to me there must be others out there with the same passion. Well, it didn't take long to discover the enormous population of dedicated (and yes some obsessed) collectors all over the world. Ebay solidified this craze when several years several Green Hornet unopened 59 cent toys were selling up to $5000 EACH!  Or, 7-8 years ago the "Munsters" unused paint set that sold for OVER $16,000!

We hope there is something in our collection for you.

We have searched the universe for some of the best vintage toys on the market. I hope you find as much excitement from these RARE treasures as we do. ENJOY!

Also, Vintage Star Trek, Munsters Collectibles, Green Hornet, Dark Shadows and other 60's TV Gold Key Comics



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