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Babe Ruth Exacta Wristwatch, 1948 Working Condition!

Sorry, this is sold out , but contact us for similar alternative we may have.

Babe Ruth
Exacta Wristwatch, 1948


What kid in 1948 wouldn't want an authentic Babe Ruth watch? This Exacta wristwatch enabled boys of the late 1940's to not only keep exact time but do it in style with the greatest ball player of them all - Babe Ruth. Sold for $7.95

And it Works!   Although you will see this watch pop up for sale ow and then most do Not work.  I wound it up and holding it horizontal with my fingers twisted it back and forth a few times and it ticked until the next day.  

Also Note that most of these for sale have a faded crystal with the Ruth image, faded baseball diamond and numbers. As you can see this one is bright and colorful . Wristband is a replacement.  * See enlargeable images above and below

The watch's face shows a grinning Ruth superimposed atop a baseball diamond over which appears his signature. The watch case and expanding band is of stainless steel which remains bright. Since these watches were usually worn by proud kids until they fell apart, it's rare to find one in as good a condition as we have here..

Out of all the products The Babe endorsed over his long career, this is one of the most attractive and desirable of them all.

This Babe Ruth wristwatch and its unique, original baseball case is a rare keepsake from a by-gone era. The watch dates from 1948 and is one of the last retail products to carry Ruth's endorsement before he passed away in August of that year. Manufactured by the Exacta Time Corporation; the colorful watch features Ruth’s image on the face along with his facsimile signature. 

* In 2004 The Antique Road Show valued this Babe Ruth watch with the original box at $1200-1400.  This one does not have the box. 

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