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Lil Abner Dogpatch Band, 1946

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Lil Abner - Dogpatch Band
Vintage Wind Up Tin Toy, 1946
With RARE Original Box

Li'l Abner was a satirical American comic strip appearing in many newspapers in the United States and Canada, featuring a fictional clan of hillbillies in the impoverished town of Dogpatch, Kentucky. Written and drawn by Al Capp (1909-1979), the strip ran for 43 years, from August 13, 1934 through November 13, 1977. It was distributed by United Feature Syndicate. Read daily by scores of millions of people, the strip's characters and humor had a powerful cultural impact.

You can read a more detailed history of what many consider the "most famous comic strip of all time".

Here is a terrific original 1946 embossed lithographed tin wind-up toy. Great multiple actions with colorful box. The toy is in magnificent condition, possibly the best you will ever find! All members of the band including Abner dancing, Daisy Mae playing piano, Pappy playing the drums and Mammy beating her stick work great. Mammy is a little loose but she works and she could easily be tightened up. Also, has the original windup key.

And, if you have ever collected this particular piece you know that almost always there are pieces missing such as legs, arms, Mammy's stick, etc. And, those that have all pieces often have had replacements or repairs. This gem is ALL Original, no replacements or repairs. The hinges have never been opened to make a repair.

The box is extremely scarce and rarely ever seen! This particular original box is missing the top lid and has had a couple tape repairs on one side and one end. But, the artwork and lithographs are all there and none of the typical moisture stains like usually seen. Also amazingly, the bottom is not only un-damaged but it looks NEW as it did 63 years ago. The price tag is even still there and though the ink is worn you can see where there was a price and it looks to be $1.29. WOW!

A near mint piece in great working condition you are unlikely to see again. See several additional images below


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