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Lost in Space RARE Vintage Gum Card Display Box 1966

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Classic TV Collectibles Memorabilia Lost in Space
Lost in Space, 1966
Original Vintage Gum Card Display Box

John Robinson aka Guy Williams in the Clutches of the Cyclops Monster!




Here’s an exciting  piece of classic TV History we’ve been searching for, for the past 35 years !

For you classic TV and Lost in Space fans and collectors, here is one of the Holy Grails of collectibles.  An Original 1966 Lost in Space gum pack display box. This empty box once held and displayed 24 gum packs.    

But, what makes this Rare find exceptional is the extraordinary condition.  While I could find two other boxes that have sold at auction in the past ten years, they were not in the incredible condition this one is in. The others had creases particularly at the top panel where the stores would fold up the Die-cut display lid and break the perforations so the image of Guy Williams and the Cyclops would be a small banner display with the gum packs below.   As the top was folded up it would incur deep creases on both sides of the lid and often would detach from the rest of the box. 
The box we offer here looks to have never been used for display as there are NO creases and some of the die-cut preforations are Still intact. Hence, it has Never been folded. 

* Note:   We only opened the lid to confirm the original side flaps were still there, and they are.  But, when opened I noticed the lid is very tight, like a new box that had never been opened.   The lid hinge is like new and most likely only opened to empty the wax packs, and then stored.   We have Never seen a Lost in Space wax pack box in this Extraordinary NEAR MINT condition in our 40 years collecting !

We have never seen one in this superior condition in our 40 years collecting !  We are so excited to have discovered this Gem ! 
Take another look at this Mega RARE Near-Mint of a Find! 

Remember When?
Its like you were 8 years old again, looking wide-eyed through the local candy store's glass display case at this fresh box of gum packs from this new Sci-Fi space hit TV show you were captivated by.   For me personally, Lost in Space was my childhood obsession !

* See enlargeable images above and below


3.75x8x1.75" deep empty box originally contained 24 packs. ©1966 Space Productions. Box features photos of cast members and cyclops monster. Die-cut display lid has not been fully separated at perforations. Box shows some light wear but remains totally bright, glossy and tight. Exc-Near Mint. Scarce gum box.

It took us 35 years to find this.  Don't let pass it up, and have to wait another 35 years !

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original