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MUNSTERS Vintage Stardust BOXED PAINT SET, 1964


Munsters Classic TV Vintage Toys Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale
Vintage Stardust Hasbro Paint Set, 1965
w/Original Box

©1965 Kayro-Vue Productions




About 18 years ago after being on eBay for only a few years, I'll never forget a vintage Hasbro 1964 "Munsters" unopened paint set that sold for $16,500!  It was indeed an eye opener, but it was an education on consumer demand for rare original Classic TV artifacts from the 1960s youth sitcoms including Lost in Space, Munsters, Green Hornet, Batman, etc.   Whether it was savvy investment that drove that price or the magical nostalgic feeling of returning back to our childhood years, I don’t know.  But, I knew then that the combination of the two was a force to be reckoned with.     In particular, I have noticed over the past 40 years collecting, that "The Munsters" has an especially hard core niche of collectors that will go the distance to own that Very rare Munsters artifact that they may have waiting decades to add to their collection.  

I’ve never seen that Munsters paint set on the market again since it sold 18 years ago for over $16,000,     But we recently acquired two extraordinary 1964 Munsters pieces that are sure to send the Munster Collectors into a frenzy! (other item is the Rare 1964 "Munsters Rub-On Magic Transfer Set").     

Here we are offering the complete 1965 "Munsters Stardust Set"..  And we could only find One of these highly scarce sets selling online, for $4000!  Obviously not many survived over the past nearly 60 years, especially in the well preserved Original boxes with all the inside pieces AND Original instruction sheets. 

Whether you’re a die hard classic TV and/or Munsters Collector, or would love to own a museum grade piece and a magical nostalgic trip back to the early 1960s in an era of the most fun and  wholesome TV sitcoms ever made, here is the opportunity of a lifetime!    

Condition:  Exceptionally Nice!  With just amazingly minor wear to box.  Which is hard to believe for a vintage game that is approaching 60 Years Old!

NOTE  the large size of the box and lithography on front box cover  11.25 x 14.75" !   Hence, not just a highly Rare and Valuable classic TV Treasure but a beautiful work of Art that would look gorgeous displayed in a shadow box frame!

* See enlargeable images above and below

Note: We could only find One other of these for sale, for $4000

11.25x14.75x1.5" deep cardboard box w/illustrated lid contains Hasbro set No. 2801,. ©1965 Kayro-Vue Productions. Box describes set as "The New Touch Of Velvet Art By Numbers" and comes w/two 7.25x11.25" pictures as issued. Box is also marked "Just..Peel, Sprinkle, Tap." Lid features illustration of The Munsters. "Stardust" name on box lid is also flocked. Comes w/six plastic tubes of flocking material (one being almost completely empty), feather and original instruction sheet and color guide.  Box shows minor scattered aging and has 1.5" tear to left center side panel of lid. Box is Fine overall. The two issued pictures have been very neatly flocked. Exc. Scarce.

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original