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Superman George Reeves UNOPENED Wax Pack 1965

Superman UNOPENED Wax Pack

Rare 1965 UNOPENED Superman (George Reeves) Wax Card Pack. 

1965 Topps Superman Unopened Wax Pack PSA Authentic. Superman is one of the few themes so popular that cards promotions were presented to a totally new generation a quarter century apart. Offered is an unopened 5-cent wax pack from the 1966 Topps "Superman" series, graded PSA Authentic. These packs did not contain chewing gum leaving all four or five cards completely unscathed of gum residue and surface damage. The pack is "Authentic".  It has two crimped segment in the right edge. We have seen this before affecting every pack of an unopened box. This happened at the factory during the packaging process. the pack has not been tampered with.

Note: The PSA is marked 1966, but in fact the pack is from 1965 and states so on the pack itself.