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Vintage Tin Friction Toy Race Car Tohko-Toy Japan 1962


Original Vintage Friction Tin Japan Toys For Sale
Orignal Vintage Tin Friction Toy Race Car, 1962
Tohko-Toy, Japan

UNUSED in Original Near Mint-Mint Box!


RARE Vintage early 1960s Unused Store Inventory

Beautiful Vintage Japan Stock Race Car New in Box Tohko Toy Japan Friction Tin Toy

Tohko-Toy, Japan - length 9-10" - Ford 2-door hardtop "Stockcar", 1962

In Near Mint-Mint New condition, friction motor still works perfect, with original box!

Tin 1962 Ford 2-door hardtop "stock car" by Tohko-Toys (Japan) from the 60s!

The Ford stock race car is in new condition and is complete with the original cardboard box.
Length:  9.25" inches.
Marked: Made in Japan.

This vintage tin friction toy race car was part of the International Stock Car race series issued n 1962.  A spectacular UNUSED FIND!    This Made in Japan tin friction toy is a part of an unused inventory.  The  series had six cars from various select countries.  This is the Japan car issue. 

Comes with a copy of a terrific handwritten note of provenance.   * See below for letter transcript:
“One of Leo’s [my grandfather who owned a five and dime] wholesale salesmen inherited the business from his father. When the plastic toys came out, nobody wanted the tin ones. So his father stored what he had in the basement after his father died – years later he was cleaning out the basement, he found these toys. He didn’t know what he was going to do with them. Leo told him, ‘My wife likes that sort of thing – I’ll take all you have.’ He asked 25 cents apiece for them. I’m sure in later years he wished he would have kept them.”


Note: We were fortunate to acquire three of these Rare Unused ORIGINAL Boxed Tin Toy Race Cars.  See the others under “Other Vintage Treasures You Might Like”

* See enlargeable images above and below