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Voyage to The Bottom Of The Sea Vintage Gum Card Box 1964

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Voyage to The Bottom Of The Sea, 1964
Original Vintage Gum Card Box

Remember when you were 8 or 9 years old, riding your bike to the local candy convenience store to see what new wax packs they had for your favorite baseball player or TV Show?  And as we were out of breath with our hearts pounding from the anticipation, behind the glass case was the most beautiful sight for an 8 year old boy.  Brand new wax gum packs, sitting in an attractive display box.  There were 24 gum packs per box, enough for all of us.  But, that gorgeous displabox was unobtainableNot for Sale. And most store owners through them away, which is why they are so very scarce.    Fifty + Years later , you can relive that helpless moment and own that once impossible acquisition. The coveted 1964 display box!

Beautiful vintage graphics and lithography on this Very rare original vintage gum card display box from 1964 from this classic early 1960s TV Show....  This display box rarely ever appears on the market and examples have sold for $1000.  Very good condition. Has some minor wear and a small faded marker mark on front of submarine.  See enlargeable images above and below

1964 Donruss "Voyage to The Bottom Of The Sea" (Empty) Wax Box. Not everyone was looking to the sky for adventure in the 1960's. It was down into the depth of the sea for the television show "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" which told of the exploits of the submarine "Nautilus" and her sea-bound crew. Offered is a 1964 Donruss "Voyage to The Bottom of The Sea" wax box that once housed twenty-four 5-Cent wax packs. There is creasing and some surface wear, presents Very-Good.    

NOTE: We now have in stock (while they last), vintage display wax pack boxes for Dark Shadows, Superman with George Reeves and  "Voyage to The Bottom Of The Sea".  See below

Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original