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Vintage Sports Memorabilia Sale

Original vintage Boxing memorabilia Collectibles For Sale
Classic Sports Collectibles Baseball Memorabilia For Sale

Vintage Autographed Sports Memorabilia

Authentic Autographed Classic Sports Memorabilia & other Rare Sports Treasures

Original vintage Boxing memorabilia Collectibles Muhammad Ali Babe Ruth Vintage Classic Sports Memorabilia Collectibles Baseball Cards Autographs For Sale Original Vintage Boxing Sports Memorabilia Muhammad Ali Collectibles Autographs For Sale 

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In most cases we can locate anothe

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For the avid sports fan nothing is more exciting then sports history. We have been collecting vintage sports memorabilia for over 30 years. In particular, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Muhammad Ali, Joe DiMaggio, Jimmy Foxx and the list goes on. To a young man growing up in a sport loving New England town, they were heroes.  Babe Ruth Vintage Classic Sports Memorabilia Collectibles Baseball Cards Autographs For Sale 
We continue to scour the universe looking for the most unusual and exciting vintage sports treasures. So, we hope you enjoy our current collection and inventory. Authentic Autographed Sports Memorabilia, original wire photos, posters, and rare sports treasures. All Autographs Gauranteed Authentic For Life.

NOTE About Authenticity:  Our Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity is the most rock solid in the industry.  Read HERE for Details

** One way to protect yourself from the risk of buying a forgery from a "questionable" dealer is to only buy from a UACC Registered Dealer as UACC Dealers MUST adhere to a strict code of conduct.  It is important to note anyone selling fake autographs CAN NOT be a UACC Dealer.   Accordingly it is no surprise you may encounter a "suspicious" dealer that disparages the UACC for obvious self-serving reasons.  

Read our article
"Ten Warning Signs a Dealer May Be Selling Autograph Forgeries"......  It could save you from being hoodwinked by an unethical seller of autograph forgeries.


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